Son Has Been Visiting Mother’s Grave for 12 Years When He Sees a Woman Who Resembles Her There — Story of the Day

A lonely orphaned man visits his mother’s grave every week for 12 years, then one day he arrives and finds her standing by her own grave. Gary Levine’s Sundays always ended with a visit to his mother’s grave. He might go to lunch with friends, play golf or tennis, but no matter what, Gary’s day … Read more

4-Year-Old Boy Visits Grave of Marine Father Who Died When He Was a Baby: ‘Come Back, Daddy’

Four-year-old Christian Jacobs melted hearts after a message, which he left for his father during his visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day broke the internet. Find out what the boy said. Every year, citizens celebrate Memorial Day, remembrance of servicemen and women who lost their lives while fighting for the United States. In … Read more

Gay Singer George Michael Was Found Dead on Christmas of 2016 & Buried in Unmarked Grave for Years

George Michael, the pop legend, and songwriter did not die surrounded by his loved ones. Unfortunately, the megastar was found dead on 2016’s Christmas holiday and later buried in an unmarked grave that was recently discovered. George Michael, an Englishman, was a very confident man during his lifetime. He excelled as a performer, singer, and … Read more

A Year after Son’s Death, Woman Sees Grave of Her Daughter-In-Law at the Cemetery – Story of the Day

When her daughter-in-law, Eve, got pregnant, Madeleine didn’t trust her. She thought the baby didn’t belong to her son, Elliot. Eventually, Elliot fought with Eve and got into an accident driving drunk. Madeleine didn’t speak to Eve again, but a year later, she saw her grave next to her son’s and discovered the unbelievable truth. Madeleine Brady … Read more

Patsy Cline’s Fans Snatched Flowers and Other Items from the Side of Her Grave at Funeral

During her lifetime, country icon Patsy Cline rocked the world of music lovers. She was so cherished that fans went haywire on the day of her burial and parted with some funeral items to serve as souvenirs. Patsy Cline was arguably one of the greatest country singers to have ever lent her vocals in the … Read more

Man Accidentally Finds Old Grave of Young Girl in Farmland He Bought 8 Years Ago

A man is terrified after finding an old grave of a young girl who died in the 1800s in his farmland. He clears the place with the help of the locals and freezes at the spine-chilling discovery moments later.  Around eight years after buying a large farm in rural Georgia, a man was startled when … Read more

Every Tuesday Daughter Visits Mother’s Grave – Once Gift She Left Was Crushed

On Mother’s Day, a girl left a handmade gift along with flowers and balloons at her mother’s grave. The next time she went there, she discovered someone had destroyed her present. The girl believed she knew who destroyed her precious gift. She opened up about her relationship with her mother on Reddit and revealed who she suspected must … Read more

Old Man Notices New Flowers at Wife’s Grave Every Week, One Day Meets a Crying Little Boy There — Story of the Day

When Derek found fresh flowers at his wife Alice’s grave every week, he assumed it was the work of one of her students because she had worked as a teacher all her life. But one day, he saw a little boy sitting there and discovered the truth his wife had kept hidden for so long. … Read more

Man Buys Lilies for Girl Short of Cash at Flower Shop, Later Sees Them on His Wife’s Grave — Story of the Day

A man grieving for his deceased wife pays for a penniless girl’s flowers at a florist and his kind gesture transforms his life. For Richard Preston, Sundays were the worse. Sundays were the days he and Anne would laze in bed for hours, talking and watching the shadows march across their ceiling, eating pancakes and dropping … Read more

Man Visits Parents’ Grave with Bouquet of Red Tulips, Sees Old Lady with the Same Flowers There — Story of the Day

A man who had gone through more than his fair share of tragedy visited his parent’s grave only to meet an old lady there paying her respects. He was later shocked to learn who she really was.  Arthur Morgan lived an unhappy life. At 60, he had lost everything he could except his life. His parents, … Read more

Guy Notices that Every Month Someone Leaves His Mother’s Photos on Her Grave — Story of the Day

A young man who is mourning his recently deceased mother starts finding photos of her as a young woman on her grave. Walter Fremby missed his mom. A year after his mother’s passing, he still woke up in the middle of the night, his face wet with tears. There were moments during the day when … Read more

Grandad of 8 Leaves Family Laughing at His Own Funeral When He Pranks Them ‘From the Grave’

A Dublin man had the last laugh at his funeral, playing a prank that spooked attendees for a moment before realization struck. The prank had the desired effect, turning everyone’s tears into laughter. Shay Bradley and his wife Anne Bradley spent almost their whole lives together, first as childhood friends and then as a couple … Read more