What Happened to Elizabeth in ‘The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window’?

Hello, we’re here to talk about The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, Kristen Bell’s satirical and highly addictive (as in I watched all eight episodes in one sitting) murder mystery. TWITHATSFTGITW (help) includes all the most classic tropes from the “Woman in the House/Lake/Window/Apartment” genre—including an unreliable … Read more

Woman Gets a Call from the Girl Who Bullied Her in 7th Grade 40 Years Later

After 40 years, a woman, Simon Ellin, contacts a girl who bullied her in seventh grade while doing research that involved her former classmates in high school.  Studies have shown that bullying or peer victimization can have long-term impacts on victims. This was certainly the case with Simon Ellin, a writer.  Ellin had struggled with low-grade depression, … Read more

Girl Wakes up after 30-Foot Fall Cured from Lifelong Illness and Claiming She Went to Heaven

Jennifer Garner’s “Miracles From Heaven” was widely accepted by people of faith but also drew questions from others. However, not many people know that the movie was inspired by a real event. There have been several debates about the afterlife amongst the many sects of beliefs. A then-9-year-old Annabel shocked the world when she said … Read more

Girl Gives Her Food to Homeless Man, Gets Call from a Sobbing Woman When the Video Goes Viral

When a little girl saw a homeless man outside the restaurant window, she immediately wanted to help. Many praised her kindness after the story went viral online—it also led to an unexpected phone call.  Ella Scott and her father, Eddie, were spending some time together at a restaurant in Monterey, California. They were seated by the … Read more

Girl Goes Out to Pick up Parcel and Sees Her Childhood Friend as the Courier

A teenager dressed up as a FedEx deliveryman unexpectedly arrived at his childhood best friend’s house. When she went outside to sign for the “delivery,” she was stunned to see him.  Last year a Fort Mill, South Carolina resident got a big surprise when she went to collect a delivery from her front door. Sixteen-year-old, Soultana … Read more

Lonely Man Adopts Baby Girl Abandoned on His Doorstep, Years Later Her Mother Shows Up – Story of the Day

At 42, Simon had an incredibly successful career but no family. He worried that adoption agencies wouldn’t let him become a parent alone. But one day, someone left a basket with a baby girl on his doorstep, and he decided to raise her. Years later, the girl’s mother showed up, and Simon couldn’t believe who she … Read more

Millionaire Meets Homeless Girl Who Has the Same Birthmark as His — Story of the Day

A millionaire inadvertently discovers he is a father after he meets a homeless girl on the street, who begs him for some pennies to feed herself and her mother.  “Congratulations Miss Carolyn, you’re 4 months pregnant!” a chubby doctor with squinty eyes exclaimed excitedly as she revealed the results of the test the younger woman had … Read more

Heroic 5 Year Old Girl Saves Her Father’s Life During Adorable 911 Conversation

A brave little girl dialed 911 and managed to save her father’s life. However, that is not the reason everyone is talking about her. The girl’s sweet conversation is what pulled on many heartstrings and gave some a good laugh.  In 2013, a 5-year-old girl from Indiana contacted 911 to alert them about her father’s need for … Read more

Baby Girl Was Born from an Embryo That Was Frozen for 27 Years

A baby broke a world record by being born from an embryo that was almost three decades old. Her parents were amazed at the news, but it was about far more than the impressive record to them.  While Molly Gibson was born in 2020, she had been ready for her birthday since 1992. The baby girl’s embryo was frozen 27 … Read more

Driver Notices 5-Year-Old Girl Alone on the Road Seeking Help after a Crash

A heroic little girl was awarded the Medal of Bravery by the Canadian Governor-General in recognition of all the efforts she took to save the lives of her baby brother and mom following a terrible accident in 2015.  It’s not every day that we get to witness acts of sheer bravery and courage. However, such stories … Read more

6-Year-Old Girl Gives Divorced Parents a Lesson in Love after Their Fight: ‘Be Friends’

A little girl stunned the world with her heartwarming message for her divorced parents, pleading with them to get along. Her mom shared the adorable video clip on social media in 2015, which quickly became a viral sensation.  Children are known to have a heart of gold. Despite being in a learning phase in their early years, … Read more

Little Girl Deliberately Ruins the Dress of Her Father’s Bride during the Wedding

A girl opened up on Reddit about how she took revenge on her father’s bride. She revealed that her father was marrying a woman she disliked after divorcing her mother.  She shared that her father married another woman four years after divorcing his mother. She was only thirteen years old when her father tied the … Read more