Elderly Woman Writes Desperate Note to Neighbor, Asks to Be Her Friend

A lonely older woman was so afraid of being alone that she wrote a desperate note to her neighbor seeking friendship. Find out what happened afterward.  In April 2017, Marleen Brooks of Park Hills, Missouri, came home one afternoon and opened her mailbox, only to find an unexpected letter from her neighbor, who lived two … Read more

Gayle King Remains Single since Husband Betrayed Her with a Friend Who ‘Never Really Liked’ Her

American TV star Gayle King is notorious for living a private life; however, the presenter once opened up on why she has remained single following the end of her first marriage. Aside from being Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King is also an established anchor and one of the most prolific blacks in the entertainment … Read more

Meet ‘How I Met Your Father’ Star Francia Raisa Whose Actions Left Her Friend Selena Gomez ‘Forever Grateful’

Star of “How I Met Your Father” Francia Raisa revealed the details of her kidney donation that she kept behind closed doors last year for World Kidney Day.  Francia Raisa’s latest TV project sees her portraying Valentina for the Hulu “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff series “How I Met Your Father.” Her character is a … Read more

Single Man Is Denied Adoption of Late Colleague’s Daughter So Friend Agrees to Adopt Her – Story of the Day

When Joseph’s coworker, Andrew, died, he wanted to adopt his baby. However, the orphanage refused to consider him because he was a single man with a busy job. Luckily, his friend, Sarah, came up with an idea, and the unexpected happened. “I’m sorry, sir. But we normally don’t consider single men for adoption. It’s just … Read more

Girl Goes Out to Pick up Parcel and Sees Her Childhood Friend as the Courier

A teenager dressed up as a FedEx deliveryman unexpectedly arrived at his childhood best friend’s house. When she went outside to sign for the “delivery,” she was stunned to see him.  Last year a Fort Mill, South Carolina resident got a big surprise when she went to collect a delivery from her front door. Sixteen-year-old, Soultana … Read more

Marine Veteran Searches for Mother of His Late Friend, Finds Only Ruins of Her House — Story of the Day

A marine veteran embarks on a journey to find his late friend’s mother in order to hand over his tribune flag and final letter to her. But when he arrives, her house is in shambles, and the woman is missing. Jason McKee was cleaning his house a few days before moving to a new town when … Read more

Run and Get an IUD or Implant Now…and Tell a Friend!

What you need to know about SCOTUS, the Affordable Care Act and its effects on birth control access… What you need to know about birth control in 2020: Get it before the ACA is reversed. You can get a year’s supply in some states. Get some prescription emergency contraception too! How you can help protect … Read more

Man Takes DNA Paternity Test after Friend Tips Him about Fiancée’s Infidelity

A man turned to Reddit to seek advice from other users after his fianceé’s friend told him about her infidelity. He decided to take a paternity test to clear his suspicions.  The man was shocked to hear what his fianceé’s friend told him because he believed his 5-year relationship was unbreakable. He never expected his fianceé … Read more

Mother-Of-Three Keeps Her Promise to Adopt Six Kids of Best Friend Who Passed Away from Cancer

A mother of three’s family tripled after she decided to adopt the six children of her friend, who died of breast cancer. Although it was a difficult decision, it eventually became worth the effort. Find out more. In 2016, a Virginia mother of three, Stephanie Culley, expanded her family and became a mother of nine … Read more

‘Please Help!’ 9-Year-Old Girl Asks Santa to Help Friend Who Lost Her Father in an Emotional Letter

A nine-year-old girl, Riley inspired thousands of people after a selfless Christmas letter written to Santa Claus went viral. What was the content of the note? Continue reading to find out. Employees at Lowe’s in Millville, Pennsylvania, always enjoy reading the “Dear Santa” letters pinned up in the break room during every holiday season. Young customers … Read more

Bride Moved to Tears as Late Father’s Best Friend Surprises Her to Walk Her Down the Aisle

When her father passed away, one bride was heartbroken that he would never have the opportunity to walk her down the aisle. However, her dad’s best friend stepped up and gave her a special surprise.  Allyson Eischens lost her father in 2005, but thankfully her fiancé, Garret, came up with a surprise plan for her walk down the … Read more

11-Year-Old Bob Tears Out of His Neighbor’s Grip and Rushes into Burning House to Rescue Friend — Story of the Day

Bob and his neighbors’ parents went to the theater, leaving them alone for the night. When they got bored, Bob went back to his house to find board games. But when he came out, his friends’ house was on fire. No one could stop Bob from running inside to save his friend, even at the … Read more