Man Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating on Him and Requires Children to Take a DNA Test

A young man fears the aftermath of his paternity test results and worries his dad’s love for him would fade away, leading to abandonment. An 18-year-old guy felt pressured to take a DNA test to come out clean about his paternal roots and prove that he was indeed his “father’s” son. But deep inside, the … Read more

Dad Sells Late Baby’s Sweater to Old Lady, Later Mom Finds Box from Her on Their Doorstep — Story of the Day

A woman grieving the loss of her baby is devastated when her husband sells all of their little boy’s mementos at a garage sale. But fate had a surprise in store for her. When Lynn Dardon saw that pink cross on the pregnancy test, she started screaming. “Don! We’re pregnant! WE’RE PREGNANT!” Lynn and Don had been hoping … Read more

Passengers Ignore Crying Little Boy until a Woman Finds Out He Boarded the Wrong Plane — Story of the Day

A young boy got lost at the airport and started to cry after realizing his mistake on the plane, but nobody paid him any attention until a woman took action.  Lucas Adam was a kid of eight years when he was told by his mother Evelyn that they would be joining the external family for … Read more

Bus Driver Spots an Abandoned Bag under the Seat and Finds a Child in It — Story of the Day

A bus driver is stunned when he finds a child hiding in an abandoned sports bag in his bus, and ends up saving the boy and transforming his own life forever. Adam Loftner was a driver for a well-known intercity bus service and he’d been crossing the country for years. He loved his job, but … Read more

Boy Finds Unconscious Woman in the Park, His Mother Recognizes Her as Her Long-Lost Sister – Story of the Day

When her child discovered an unconscious woman in the park, Rebecca rushed to help and thought she looked familiar. However, she couldn’t remember why until the woman woke up in the hospital and called her name. It was her missing big sister, who had a shocking story to tell. “Mom! Come! There’s a lady on … Read more

Grieving Widow Finds First Son She and Her Husband Secretly Put Up for Adoption 3 Decades Ago

Thirty years passed before one mother found the baby she put up for adoption as a 17-year-old. She gave the child away along with her husband and kept it a secret — until recently.  Janice Hoy and Earl Strong were not equipped to raise their unexpected firstborn, so they decided to give him up for adoption. It … Read more

Parents Force Teen Couple to Put Daughter up for Adoption, 51 Years Later She Finds and Reunites Them

When Joe Cougill and Donna Horn separated by force as teens, they didn’t think they would end up together again one day. Fifty-one years later, they became husband and wife. Joe Cougill and Donna Horn were the perfect pair that would have been the ideal popular pair in any high school film. He was a … Read more

Rich Man Kicks Spoiled Daughter Out, a Year Later Finds Baby on Doorstep with a Note — Story of the Day

A rich man’s spoiled daughter gets into trouble over drugs and bad men, so her father kicks her out, but a year later she leaves a baby on his doorstep. Felicity Lancer was used to getting her way, and her father knew that it was all his fault. Felicity was his only child, and when … Read more

Woman Finds Out Her Biological Mother Who Abandoned Her in the Cold Lives Next Door – Story of the Day

Anna always knew she was adopted and loved her parents dearly. But she got a DNA test just in case to see if there were any matches. Nothing happened for years until her family made contact and wanted to meet her for a strange reason. At the age of 43, Anna decided to get one of those … Read more

Woman Gives Parents DNA Testing Kit, Finds Out Her Mother Lied to Her about Biological Dad

A woman bought an Ancestry DNA kit for her mother, who had been adopted, so that she could trace her birth parents. She also gave one to her father, so he didn’t feel left out, but the results of his test left her utterly shocked.  Life is full of unexpected surprises, but sometimes, we can … Read more

Mom Expecting Twins Finds Out She Is Also Pregnant with a Baby Conceived 10 Days Later

A mom went viral on TikTok when she showed off when she and her partner found out they were having three babies and not two as they earlier thought. A TikTok mom had quite a stunning moment amid her second pregnancy. The mom shared the miraculous story on her page, and the clip has since … Read more

Grandson Finds His Grandfather’s Old Letter to Santa and Decides to Fulfill the Old Man’s Wish – Story of the Day

While searching for Christmas tree ornaments, Clark discovered his grandfather’s old letter to Santa. The old man had been seven years old when he wrote it, asking for a television set. He didn’t seem to care for presents now, but his teenage grandson decided to surprise him on Christmas morning. “I’ll go see if the rest … Read more