Strangers Find Newborn Baby Who Was Thrown into a Dumpster by Its 18-Year-Old Mom

A group of strangers made the discovery of their lives while searching through a dumpster for valuables. They found a baby thrown into the dumpster by its young mother, and here is what they did.  Teenage pregnancy can sometimes lead to one making the wrong decisions, especially when it isn’t planned. However, it is hard … Read more

Teen Wakes up in Hospital after Car Crash to Find Newborn Baby, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

A teenager woke up to life-changing news after she was involved in a car accident. She was stunned when the doctors placed a newborn baby in her hands—she didn’t know she was expecting a child.   In 2019, Lynn shared her traumatic story about a car accident that landed her in the hospital. However, her injuries were not the … Read more

6-Year-Old Sam Begs Grocery Cashier to Find Santa to Help His Poor Bedridden Mom — Story of the Day

A 6-year-old boy begs a grocery store cashier to help him find Santa after his mother is bedridden following an accident. Santa grants his wish and pays him a visit, bringing an envelope addressed to him and his mother. Just a week was left for Christmas, and customers were pouring in and out of a … Read more

Elderly Woman Celebrates Christmas Alone after Her Children Find Out She Is a Cleaner – Story of the Day

Victoria’s children were too busy to call her most of the time, except for Christmas. But this year, her son discovered she was a cleaner at a store and stopped communicating with her altogether. Victoria thought she would have to spend the holidays alone until she heard a surprising knock on her door. Victoria was holding … Read more

Sisters Who Did Not Know About Each Other for 4 Decades Find Out They Were Living 2 Blocks Apart

Two long-lost sisters who grew up in different states finally discovered they were living only two intersections from each other in the same town. The oldest sister learned about her younger half-sister in 2018.  Fate conspires in mysterious ways, weaving stories that are beyond human comprehension. It forgest profound connections and brings people together, making them … Read more

Destitute Woman Abandoned by 4 Husbands Meets Pastor Who Helps Her Find True Love — Story of the Day

After four failed marriages, a woman believed God was not with her and lost all hope of finding true love. However, thanks to her pastor, her story took another twist.  Judy Thompson was a heartbroken woman nursing the pain of four failed marriages. She had been married four times, but all her marriages had a … Read more

Mark Harmon’s Sister Had 2 Hours ‘To Find a Lawyer ‘ Who Could Help Her Keep Her Son from Her Brother

Mark Harmon’s sister and painter, Kristin Harmon Nelson, had addiction issues that led her actor brother to file for custody of her son. The move ended up causing a family feud. Kristin Harmon was 12 when she met the son of icons Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Ricky Nelson. She ended up falling for “The Adventures of … Read more

Little Boy Begs Cops to Find Santa Claus and Give Him His Christmas Letter – Story of the Day

When Chris went to the police station, only one cop, Officer Dean Miller, listened to him. The boy wanted him to find Santa and deliver his urgent letter. Officer Miller promised to do his best and cried when he read the boy’s words. Then he enlisted his friends’ help for a big surprise. “See, Mom? I … Read more

Nurse Helps Woman with Dementia Find and Reunite with Her Long-Lost Son after 17 Years

A nurse in Virginia has been hailed as a hero after helping a woman with dementia reconnect with her long-lost son, who she last had contact with 17 years ago. Here’s how it happened. Health workers have literally saved the world millions of times, and they keep putting smiles on our faces. As the world … Read more

Teen Boy Helps Violin Teacher with No Memory Find Her Way Home, Gets $200,000 Reward That Night – Story of the Day

On his way to the park, Paul stumbled upon his violin teacher, Mrs. Mills, but she was disoriented and lost. Luckily, he knew the way to her house and took her to safety. But later that day, a man came to his door with a huge check, and the young teen couldn’t believe it. Paul … Read more

Faith Hill ‘Had Felt like a Misfit’ & Struggled to Find Biological Parents Who Abandoned Her

Faith Hill might have an exemplary marriage with the fellow country singer, Tim McGraw, but her childhood had some trauma. Her parents weren’t her biological ones as she was given up for adoption as a child. Faith Hill’s fans know her as a wife to Tim McGraw, a successful musician, and a mother to three daughters. … Read more

Pierce Brosnan Was Lucky to Find Love Again with Wife Keely after 1st Wife Died in His Arms

Pierce Brosnan found a precious treasure—he fell in love with the perfect soulmate two times in his lifetime, an act many celebrities struggle to experience. However, his love story is enveloped in a tragedy–more on the Hollywood connoisseur’s love life. Undoubtedly, Pierce Brosnan, who hopped on the James Bond franchise as the irresistibly dashing English … Read more