Chained Woman Has Become the Face of Bride Trafficking in China

The Chinese government has launched a year-long campaign to stem trafficking of women and children. The decision was prompted by a public uproar over its longstanding failure to tackle bride trafficking. It all started with a woman the authorities call Little Plum Flower. Shocking images of Little Plum Flower, whose surname is Yang, surfaced in late January after … Read more

Where to Buy Cute Face Masks That Protect Against Omicron — Stylish Face Masks You Can Order Online

I don’t need to remind you that Covid is still very much a thing, and the Omicron variant is causing case numbers to skyrocket because it’s even more contagious than the original virus…yet here I am. Anyways, it’s still super important to continue wearing a protective face mask or face-covering in public (even indoors!) to … Read more

Husband Dumps Wife with 5-Year-Old Child after Her Face Gets Disfigured by a Campfire Accident

A woman had her once-happy life turned upside down after being engulfed in flames and suffering third and fourth-degree burns. While in the hospital, she had another tragic experience. In November 2016, a mom of one, Courtney Waldon from Tallapoosa, Georgia, was left homeless and with a medical bill of over two million dollars after … Read more

“Sister Wives” Janelle and Kody Brown Face Huge Clash On Screen

The holidays can bring up underlying tension for any family, and on this week’s episode of “Sister Wives,” Kody and Janelle Brown proved that their family was not immune.  The couple has been clashing over differing opinions on many subjects for some time now, but their most recent one came about when they couldn’t agree … Read more

Moving Moment a Baby’s Face Lights up When He Hears His Parents’ Voice for the First Time

A mother captured the heartwarming moment her baby heard her parents for the very first time. Initially, the child sobbed, but his daddy’s sweet voice was enough to calm him down in seconds. Parents love celebrating their children’s milestones, especially in the early years. Seeing your child talk and walk for the first time are some … Read more

Karol G Reunited with Anuel AA on Stage Only despite the Singer Immortalizing Her Face on His Back

After ending their engagement earlier this year, Latin artists Karol G and Anuel AA finally reunited. However, not in a romantic sense, but on stage during a performance.  Despite Anuel AA’s serious decision to create a permanent symbol of his and Karol G’s love, the couple has not rekindled their romantic relationship. However, they did … Read more

9-Year-Old Girl Unlocks Her Dad’s Phone with His Face and Saves the Family

Jayline Barbosa Brandao was hailed a hero after she unlocked her dad’s phone with his face to call 911 amidst a terrible incident. When kids are taught to call 911 in case of emergencies, they become reliable sources when an unfortunate circumstance calls for it. Luckily, nine-year-old Jayline Barbosa Brandao still had the presence of … Read more

Female Olympians Face Extra Hurdles

Female and male Olympians never compete on a level playing field. Women must clear at least four major hurdles which men, because they are men, never have to clear.   First, women elite athletes had to fight to compete in the Olympics. In 1900, women were finally allowed to participate, but only in a limited number of … Read more

‘Dirty Dancing’ Star Jennifer Grey Had 2 Plastic Surgeries That Drastically Changed Her Face

Jennifer Grey was at the peak of her career when she got involved in an accident that almost claimed her life. Two years later, her career was nearly ruined by a failed plastic surgery. Find out more. American actress Jennifer Grey has enjoyed a stellar career in Hollywood, which has lasted for several decades. She was … Read more

Girl Born with Severe Birth Defect on Her Face Looks Unrecognizable on Her Wedding Day

Cody Hall was born with a congenital disability that deformed half of her face. Twenty-five years later, she proved that there is still a happy ending for those with conditions like her. Some people have birthmarks located on random parts of the body their entire life. Others have it prominent and visible, while others have … Read more

Bum Returns Suitcase Full of Money He Found at Station, but Owner Slams Door in His Face – Story of the Day

Ryan was a homeless man who discovered a suitcase full of money at the bus station one day. He saw the owner’s address inside, so he decided to do the right thing and return it. But Ryan never imagined who would open the door or what she did next. Ryan lived on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. He … Read more

Bride Loses Her Son 2 Years before Wedding, Breaks Down on Seeing Unexpected Guest’s Face

A bride left an empty seat for her late son at her wedding, who had tragically passed away at 19. She also honored him by adorning her flower bouquet with his pictures.  No matter how strong we are, nothing can fully prepare us for bearing the loss of a loved one. Losing a child is … Read more