Poor Boy Hears Dog Barking in Neighbor’s House for Two Days and Decides to Check Inside — Story of the Day

A lonely boy from a poor home becomes an unlikely hero when he decides to find out why his neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.  Ethan Hough was a 13-year-old boy who was being raised by his impoverished parents. They made sure he was well-fed, but the family lived from hand to mouth for the most … Read more

Woman Saves Unconscious Man in the Park, His Dog Leads Her to His Home — Story of the Day

When Alec felt a strange pain and fainted, his dog Timothy walk around him, barking at strangers for help, but no one responded, except for a woman, who would soon learn there was more to Alec’s sudden fainting than she could have imagined. “Calm down, boy!” Barbara said as she patted Timothy’s head. He was constantly … Read more

Sylvester Stallone Had to Sleep in Bus Stations & Sell His Dog before ‘Rocky’s Release

Acclaimed actor Sylvester Stallone is one of the prominent figures in Hollywood. Early in his career, he slept in bus stations before becoming famous. See how his struggles led to his success. Sylvester Stallone has captivated the world with his exceptional acting skills. He is iconic for portraying boxer Rocky Balboa in the 1976 film … Read more

'I Know What It's Like to Not Be Loved': Harrowing Moment Boy Comforts a Dying Dog

A couple decided to put down their dog after the doctor told them about her worsening health condition. When they shared the tragic news with their young son, he decided to hold his furry friend as she breathed her last breath.  There’s something so genuine and pure about the way…

Meet ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Daughter Who Died on the Eve of His Wedding

Duane “Dog” Chapman has faced many tragedies in his life, including the death of his eldest daughter, Barbara, on the eve of his wedding day and the demise of his wife, Beth Chapman. Duane “Dog” Chapman is most known for starring in his reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” where he catches fugitives for a … Read more

Shy Dog Kicked Out of Moving Vehicle Finds Forever Home after Attacking Annoying Stranger

A man rescued and offered temporary shelter to a timid dog kicked out of a speeding vehicle. He underestimated the dog’s temper until an annoying stranger broke into his yard. Redditor BroffaloSoldier lived alone in a town that wasn’t clean of crime. One day, he was on a smoke break from work when he watched a … Read more

Adopted Dog Takes a Bullet While Trying to Protect Her New Family from Armed Intruders

A hero dog defended its family from armed home invaders, almost losing its life in the process. The canine sustained a bullet wound as a telltale sign of its mind-blowing escapade. A year ago, the Lamonts drove miles from their home in Benoni, South Africa, to the Boksburg SPCA, a nonprofit animal protection organization in … Read more

Little Girl Hides in Dog House All Winter Night until Her Father Arrives – Story of the Day

When Julia realized her husband had cheated, she started dating Robert, who was abusive. Her daughter, Diana, ran away from one of his moods and hid in the dog house. But the next day, her father returned, and the truth was revealed. David grew up in Seattle, Washington, and settled there when he married Julia. Soon … Read more

Heartbroken Girl Writes Letter to God after Her Dog Dies and Receives Response a Few Days Later

A lot of individuals live their lives through faith, prayers, and belief in a higher power. Their connection to whatever name they may put to this supreme being gives them strength. This was certainly true in one little girl’s case, whose tears were dried by her belief in God. For many, the loss of a … Read more

Firefighter Adopts Dog He Rescued from a Fire after Owners Decided to Put Him Down

Looking into the innocent eyes of a dog that had already survived a traumatic incident, he couldn’t bear the thought of it dying due to nothing but money.  In September 2021, an apartment caught alight in Iowa, Des Moines. The local firefighters, including 38-year-old Malcolm Cortner, arrived to put it out and save civilians.  One of these “civilians” … Read more