Loving Dad Arranged His One-Year-Old Daughter’s Dream Wedding Days before She Died

One father had vowed to his daughter that he would throw her a huge ceremony when she eventually got married — However, life took a turn, standing in the way of this sacred promise.  Many fathers dream of walking their daughters down the aisle. Nevertheless, that vision seemed impossible. Thirty-one-year-old Andy Barnard, from the town of Thetford … Read more

Goldie Hawn Called Her Son Oliver Hudson a ‘Gift’ after He Almost Died as a Newborn

Goldie Hawn’s eldest child, son Oliver Hudson, was a miracle baby after beating the odds of survival following childbirth. Hawn believes that her son lived up to adulthood because of her motherly prayer. Veteran actress Goldie Jean Hawn was born November 21, 1945, in Washington D.C. to Laura Hawn, a jewelry shop/dance school owner, and … Read more

Michael Landon’s Widow Sold Beach House for $15.7m & Stayed in the Hacienda Where The Star Died

Iconic Actor, Screenwriter, Director and Producer, Michael Landon is an unforgettable name in Hollywood. He is best remembered for his roles in “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” “Bonanza,” and “Little House on the Prairie.” Known for portraying friendly men driven by family values, the actor passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1991 at 54. He … Read more

California Mom Meets Her Child 29 Years after Being Told He Had Died at Birth

A mother secretly celebrated the birthday of her baby daughter for nearly three decades. She was told her little angel had died after birth, but what she found out in 2019 changed everything she had known for almost 29 years.  A mother’s love for her child is endless, and it only gets stronger with time. However, losing … Read more

Boy Gets a Puppy as Birthday Gift from His Father Who Died of Cancer and Breaks into Tears

A father and son were torn apart, leaving the young boy with an empty space in his chest. However, this kid’s dad knew exactly what he needed to revitalize his son’s soul, making sure that he didn’t leave this earth without reminding his child how deeply he loved him.  Teenager Logan Kavaluskis from Michigan is a true animal lover. … Read more

Fred Gwynne’s Son Had Injury that Left Him Disabled, Later Another Son Died at 1

Fred Gwynne from “The Munsters” had a brief yet amazing moment in the spotlight but suffered a few tragedies behind closed doors. The actor lost an infant son and coped with a disabled son who had a brain injury. Fred Gwynne is among the popular names that have made a mark in the industry with … Read more

Raymond Burr Died at 76 in 1993 with Partner of 33 Years by His Side Who Got His Entire Estate

Raymond Burr had one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. He also enjoyed one of the longest relationships in the industry before his death at 76. Raymond Burr enjoyed one of the most decorated careers as an actor spanning more than five decades. Burr was one of the biggest names during the Hollywood classic … Read more

NASCAR Kenny Irwin Jr Lost His Life at 30 in 2000 Where Adam Petty Also Died Months Earlier

Kenny Irwin Jr’s life held many promises, and he was on the path to fulfilling his dreams before a ghastly accident claimed his life at the same spot where Adam Petty’s life ended months earlier. Car racing is another intriguing sport with several fans across the world, but there have been grieving moments for lovers … Read more

Husband and Wife Married for 77 Years & Died Hours Apart Buried Holding Hands in Single Casket

An elderly couple married for more than seven decades died hours apart in 2017. They raised six children, 18 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.  Nothing is more beautiful than finding a life partner who stays by your side through life’s highs and lows. “Till death do us part” is one of the most memorable … Read more

Mom Accidentally Meets Daughter 6 Years after Being Told She Died in a House Fire

A mother was left shattered after she was informed that her ten days old did not survive a house fire. However, she spotted the child in the most surprising circumstances six years later. A six-year-old girl, who was believed to have died as a baby in a house fire, was kidnapped, finally reunited with her … Read more

4-Year-Old Boy Visits Grave of Marine Father Who Died When He Was a Baby: ‘Come Back, Daddy’

Four-year-old Christian Jacobs melted hearts after a message, which he left for his father during his visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day broke the internet. Find out what the boy said. Every year, citizens celebrate Memorial Day, remembrance of servicemen and women who lost their lives while fighting for the United States. In … Read more

‘Matilda’ Star Mara Wilson Was 8 & Already Famous When She Tried ‘To Deal With It’ When Her Mom Died

When Mara Wilson was just a child, she lost her mother to cancer and had to learn to process the grief. Luckily, she had her co-stars by her side, who gave her lots of support. Mara Wilson was born to parents Mike and Suzie Wilson. The couple was why the actress got into the acting … Read more