Terminally Ill Woman Vows Not to Die until She Meets Her Pregnant Daughter’s Baby — Story of the Day

A terminally ill woman is determined to live long enough to see her longed-for first grandchild but the doctors don’t hold out much hope. When Helen Marstons was 43, she was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of cancer, and she beat it even though the odds were against her. Helen was a born warrior and never … Read more

Selfless Girl Steps up to Raise Her 5 Younger Siblings after Their Parents Die from Cancer

At only 17, a young girl took on the role of sole caretaker for her five younger siblings. She cooked for the kids, took them to school, doctor’s appointments, and sports practices, and worked as a waitress to support her family.  We all go through trials and tribulations. While hard times test our patience, they also … Read more

Very Ill Young Man Had the ‘Best 4 Months’ of His Life after Telling Wife He Will Die Soon

A terminally ill husband confessed to his wife that he would die soon. She was broken but decided to cherish his last wish. The two embarked on their vacation, and he claimed it was the “best dying wish” ever. Redditor 500daystolive dealt with a medical condition for a while. He knew his life would be … Read more

Mom Discovers Critical Health Issue during Labor and Chooses to Die So Her Unborn Son Can Live

A mother suffered a critical medical emergency while she was giving birth to her child. She chose to sacrifice herself so that her unborn baby would survive the ordeal.  In Aurora, Colorado, a mother endured a tragic experience. While Karisa Bugal was in labor, doctors found something unexpected. Karisa had a severe health condition that would … Read more