Delta Burke Received a Death Threat & Needed Additional Bodyguard on ‘Designing Women’ Set

Delta Burke starred on the CBS sitcom series “Designing Women,” attaining two Emmy Awards nominations. On the ground, however, things were different as she alleges to have constantly received threats of dismissal.  Delta Burke rose to fame as the heavily made-up Suzanne Sugarbaker in “Designing Women.” Born in Florida to a single mom, Burke is the oldest of … Read more

Delta Burke’s Husband Fell Instantly in Love but His Friends Were against Their Marriage

The “Designing Women” star Delta Burke and her husband Gerald McRaney are the perfect examples of a match made in heaven. Despite his friends’ advice against marrying an actress, he didn’t back down. Delta Burke and her husband, “This Is Us” star Gerald McRaney’s love story is one straight out of a storybook. A romance that can … Read more