After Son’s Death, Mom Enters His Room and Cries as She Hears Child’s Voice Saying ‘Hi Mom’ — Story of the Day

A grieving mother is frozen stiff in disbelief when she hears her son’s voice a few days after his death and decides to check his room. Amanda raised her son Eric alone after her husband died of cancer and left for his heavenly abode. Eric was merely four then, and raising a kid alone was nothing but … Read more

Young Guy Nurses Old Man Until Death, Inherits Huge Part of His Legacy

A young man is stormed by an unexpected shock of a lifetime after volunteering to care for a wealthy older man until his death.  The guy took to Reddit’s famous “ProRevenge” subreddit to narrate a story that brought an elderly man’s “PERFECT REVENGE” on his family to light. Redditor hicctl wasn’t new to elderly caretaking. … Read more

Farrah Fawcett’s Son Wore Jail-Issued Outfit When He Met Her before Death

Farrah Fawcett, the iconic on-screen goddess famous for her signature gold tresses and beauty, died at age 62. Before her demise, she enjoyed the company of her friends and family, including her only child, who visited her in a jail-issued outfit. As a young woman, Farrah Fawcett intended to pursue an entertainment career, which she did tenaciously. … Read more

Betty White Will Not Be Buried near Spouse Allen Ludden Yet She Whispered His Name before Death, Reports Claim

Betty White of “Mama Family” never remarried after her third marriage. The TV icon loved her last husband, Allen Ludden, dearly, and before dying, she whispered his name. Still, these two lovers would not be buried next to each other. Betty White was a legendary actress and animal activist whose charming personality won many over. … Read more

John Travolta Faced $25m Extortion after His Son’s Death from People Who Tried to Save Him

Nothing is more painful than the loss of a loved one. When John Travolta’s son Jett died of a heart attack in 2009, the actor saw the world crumble around him for the first time. The loss of Jett was made all the more severe since it was followed by a controversy where two individuals … Read more

Anderson Cooper’s Brother’s Death Changed His Life ‘Trajectory’ & Left ‘Questions’

The Vanderbilt family was thrown into a state of mourning in 1988 after their loved one, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, died after jumping off a building. His passing changed TV Personality Anderson Cooper’s life.  American Broadcast Journalist Anderson Cooper, 54, sadly lost his brother, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, over 33 years ago on July 22, 1988. In an … Read more

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Only Child Lived a Tragic Life — Her Body Went Unclaimed for Days after Death

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s only child, Francesca Gabor Hilton, was an heiress, but she lived a tragic life. Here’s everything you need to know about the unfortunate tale.  Zsa Zsa Gabor lived a long life as a well-known socialite, marrying nine different men in her lifetime. Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1917, she lived a life of … Read more

Florence Henderson’s Death 3 Days After Reuniting with Her ‘Brady Bunch’ Daughter Was a ‘Shock’

Although “Brady Bunch” star Florence Henderson was 82 when she died, her death shocked everybody as she had not been sick and even reunited with her on-screen daughter just days before. Florence Henderson became a television icon and one of America’s TV moms in the late 1960s when she started portraying Carol Brady on the popular … Read more

Marie Osmond’s Son Cut His Dad from His Life — It Was Only Revealed in His Death Certificate

The word “complicated” does not begin to describe Marie Osmond’s late son Michael, and his father, Brian Blosil’s relationship. The rift between the father and son was so bad that Michael changed his last name.  American Singer, Actress, Author, and Talk Show Host Marie Osmond remains one of the most successful entertainers in Hollywood. She … Read more

Malin Andersson Admits Heartbreak After Finding Identity Of The Person Sending Her Death Threats

To lose a child is heartbreaking enough, but to have someone sending death threats simultaneously is soul-crushing. Malin Andersson knows this all too well.  The star was faced with death threats after the death of her daughter last year and has been trying to pinpoint the person sending them up until now.  However, when she … Read more

Mary Tyler Moore Was Plagued with Guilt over Only & Longtime Estranged Son’s Death at 24

Mary Tyler Moore may have had an outstanding acting career, but it negatively impacted her personal life and relationships. When her only son died, she was plagued with guilt. Most parents agree that losing a child would be the most unexpected and painful experience. Sadly, the multi-awarded Actress and Producer Mary Tyler Moore knew it … Read more

After Husband’s Death, Widow Discovers He Was Married to Another Woman for 17 Years — Story of the Day

After Chris’s death, Margaret learns that her husband was married to a woman named Erica for 17 years. She decides to track down the woman and learn the whole truth, but what she discovers along the way astounds her. Margret was heartbroken after Chris died. They had been through a lot together, including the agony … Read more