Best President’s Day Deals 2022 — Discounts and Sales Worth Shopping

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35 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys in 2022 — V-Day Presents for Him

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25 Best Valentine’s Day Candles 2022 — Romantic Candles for Valentine’s Day

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13 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Adults 2022 — St. Patrick’s Day Party 2022

Hot take: St. Patrick’s Day is a very underrated holiday. March sucks (winter, can you GTFO already?) and St. Patty’s is just about the only good thing that happens all month. Unless you’re lucky enough to still get a spring break. In which case, can I come? What makes March 17th so great? It’s an … Read more

Old Lady Pretends to Be Dead to Determine Her Heir among Her Children — Story of the Day

An old woman with estranged kids decides to pull a nasty prank on them to see who was worthy enough to inherit her wealth.  Agatha Stones was dying, and she knew it. The 83-year-old was a woman who had given birth to four kids before her husband Rodney passed away.  However, those kids had all become … Read more

Old Widow Pays for Poor Man’s Groceries and Notices He’s a Carbon Copy of Her Late Spouse — Story of the Day

An elderly widow offers to pay for a poor man’s groceries, but things take an unexpected turn when she examines his face closely and realizes he resembles her late husband! It was a cold wintry morning in Sunnyvale, California when Dorothy Baker left her house for a trip to a nearby grocery store.  Dorothy, who is … Read more

Young Woman Settles in an Old House and Meets Lonely Children There — Story of the Day

A young woman leaves her apartment to take up residence at an old house where she meets two lonely kids and their ailing mother — the meeting changed both their lives.  “Elizabeth Johnson, you are expected to leave this apartment within one week or risk forceful eviction.” That was what was written on the note her … Read more

Husband Gets Lost during Heavy Snow, 74-Year-Old Wife Goes to Search for Him — Story of the Day

John’s wife gets worried when he goes out to the barn during the worst blizzard of the century and decides to go and rescue him despite the danger. Jenny Sennite was seventy-four years old and she wasn’t enjoying retirement as much as she’d imagined. In fact, she hated it. She had tried to talk her husband … Read more

Old Lady Always Gave to Gallant Beggar despite Her Lack of Wealth, One Day She Stopped

A not-so-wealthy aged woman always helped this one beggar at a traffic signal on her usual route. She continued giving money to him until she found out the truth that compelled her to change her mind.  The woman’s grandson shared the story on Reddit telling other users why she stopped helping the man on the … Read more

Young Man Sees a Little Boy in the Park Who Is a Carbon Copy of Him as a Child – Story of the Day

A young man sees a little replica of himself at the park, and it leads him down the rabbit hole of finding out about his parents’ messy past.  George Thorn had no worries in the world. He was a young man of 27 who had worked as a chef at his favorite restaurant which was located … Read more

Rich Single Man Who Lost All Hope of Becoming a Dad Adopts 5 Kids in One Day — Story of the Day

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Bus Passengers Lash Out at Boy Who Wouldn’t Give Up His Seat for Old Lady, Driver Defends Him — Story of the Day

Everyone on the bus yelled at a young boy who refused to give up his seat to an older woman. However, the complaints faded away a few minutes later after the bus driver defended the youngster. It was a cold wintry morning in Orange County, Florida when a swarm of people boarded Timmy’s bus. Timmy, a chubby, … Read more