David Letterman Faced the $5m Kidnapping Plot of His Son 16 Months after His Birth

David Letterman welcomed his first child before he and his girlfriend married. A man was later found to be plotting to kidnap the child and his nanny when the boy was just a year old. In November 2003, David Letterman and his girlfriend, Regina Lasko, welcomed a baby boy who weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces, … Read more

‘NCIS’ David McCallum Is Doting Dad & Grandpa

David McCallum from “NCIS” is not a regular on the show. However, he makes an appearance when needed. In real life, the actor is also hands-on and plays his parent duties excellently – meet the McCallum clan. Undoubtedly, David MacCallum is an integral part of America’s favorite series, “NCIS” He has been on the show … Read more

David Arquette Says Acting with Courteney Cox in ‘Scream’ after Their ‘Difficult Divorce’ Was a ‘Cathartic Experience’

David Arquette and Courteney Cox reflected on how they felt while filming the reboot of “Scream.” The costars previously starred in the original films, fell in love, married, and had a daughter. “Friends” star Courteney Cox and “Never Been Kissed” actor David Arquette are gearing up for the release of the reboot of “Scream,” in which … Read more

David Koechner Arrested For A DUI

Being a Hollywood star comes with its fair share of scandals, and actor David Koechner is not immune.  Earlier this week, Koechner reportedly found himself in some hot water with the law after being arrested after a night out. The “The Anchorman” actor was seen driving into oncoming traffic and stopped by a police officer.  … Read more

David Letterman Admitted Cheating When $2m Extortion Plot Was Exposed Months after He Wed Partner of 23 Years

David Letterman revealed to have had several sexual relationships with staff on his show after he was extorted a whopping $2 million under threats that the information of his affairs would be published. Over a decade ago, David Letterman told his late-night viewers about his infidelities, making them all laugh, thinking it was a joke. … Read more

David Bowie & Iman Were Married Until His Death Although She Did Not Want to Date ‘Somebody Like Him’

David Bowie and Iman had one of the most beautiful relationships. Although she didn’t want to date him at first, the two got married and remained happily together until Bowie’s death. With two remarkable careers, coupled with a romance many wished for, versatile English singer David Bowie and his wife, famous supermodel Iman were one of the … Read more

David Cassidy’s Daughter Was Cut from His Will and Claimed His Death Brought Family Together

David Cassidy had two kids in his lifetime, one of whom he had a complicated relationship with. Even though he left her out of his will, she only speaks favorably of him.  David Cassidy was a truly special performer with great ambitions that, as far as he was concerned, were ruined by his fine-boned looks. … Read more

David McCallum Has Four Living Children and His Deceased Son’s Child Is Close to His Family

“NCIS” star David McCallum learned that his deceased son, Jason, had a child a few months after his passing. Jason’s kid is now part of McCallum’s family. At 88 years old, David McCallum has lived a long and successful life. He achieved fame in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” had five children, and has been married for … Read more

Hilary Farr & David Visentin Are Often Rumored to Be Dating

Speculations about what is behind David Visentin and Hilary Farr’s close relationship have been a thing for years. In the piece below, we address these rumors and delve a little into their personal lives. David Visentin and Hilary Farr are famous for their roles as television show co-hosts and interior designers. The way the pair … Read more

David Thewlis Married Hermine Poitou despite Once Confessing He Couldn’t Bear to Be Parted from His Child & Baby Mama

“Harry Potter” actor David Thewlis made headlines earlier this year when he revealed he married his second wife, Hermine Poitou, as the media was unaware of his marital status.  Earlier this year, the media buzzed with news that David Thewlis, who played Remus Lupin in “Harry Potter,” was married after he shared a loving post … Read more

David McCallum Wed Model He Is Married to for 54 Years after Charles Bronson Stole His 1st Wife

Donald “Ducky” Mallard from “NCIS” played by the British actor David McCallum is a delightful character to watch. Similarly, in reality, the actor’s life holds a lot of thrilling details — inside his 54 years of marriage, after a failed relationship.  David McCallum started to gain significance in the movie industry in the 1960s. One of … Read more

David White Became Single Dad Following His Wife’s Death during a 2nd Childbirth

After his wife died during her second pregnancy, David White was left alone to take care of their only son, Jonathan White, and had a close bond with him, which lasted until their deaths. Find out more about David’s life, career, and family.  David White was a stage, film, and TV actor best known for … Read more