Daughter of Bill Cosby’s Mistress Tried to Extort Him for $40M

Bill Cosby’s alleged daughter extorted the actor-comedian for $40M. However, when it was time to prove she is genuinely Cosby’s child, the young lady declined to take a DNA test and landed a verdict of 12 years in prison. Throughout a long-standing career in the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby, the first black man to win … Read more

Daycare Workers Ignore Mom’s Bullying Complaints about 3-Year-Old Daughter, a Man Shows up to Help

When a man found out about a 3-year-old’s struggle with bullies, he decided to help. He held her hand and walked her to school wearing an outfit that was bound to catch the attention of her bullies.  Lydia was having a tough time at her school in Spring Hill, Florida, so her mother, Erica Calculli, decided to take … Read more

‘Little House on the Prairie’s’ Jason Bateman Fought to Save His Marriage to Paul Anka’s Daughter

Jason Bateman was a child star who lost his way, falling into the Hollywood party scene during his twenties and thirties. Thanks to his wife, Amanda Anka, he changed his ways and continued his career in the entertainment industry. Jason Bateman is among the few child stars who continued their Hollywood careers until adulthood. The … Read more

Parents Make Daughter Pay for College Fee to Teach Her a Lesson

A teenage girl opened up on Reddit after her parents asked her to pay her college fee. She believed her parents were going too far in teaching her a lesson. The girl was a freshman student who had failed an exam, and that didn’t sit well with her parents. She felt they didn’t understand why … Read more

Single Man Is Denied Adoption of Late Colleague’s Daughter So Friend Agrees to Adopt Her – Story of the Day

When Joseph’s coworker, Andrew, died, he wanted to adopt his baby. However, the orphanage refused to consider him because he was a single man with a busy job. Luckily, his friend, Sarah, came up with an idea, and the unexpected happened. “I’m sorry, sir. But we normally don’t consider single men for adoption. It’s just … Read more

Joan Crawford Allegedly Attacked Daughter for Flirting with Her Husband & Left Her out of Will

Joan Crawford’s life and career were dominated by ambition. She wanted to succeed at all costs. Her relentlessness paid off as she was called the first “Queen of the Movies” in 1937. Despite her fame, her relationship with her first adopted daughter Christina was not as rosy. Christina revealed this and more in the memoir she … Read more

Owen Wilson Is Doting Dad to Sons despite Having Snubbed Daughter since Her Birth

Actor Owen Wilson has enjoyed a remarkable career spanning more than two decades and enjoys life as a dad. The comic actor has two boys and a daughter from different moms and estranged relationships. It’s not every day that three brothers choose the same career route and succeed. Hollywood has a lengthy history of famous … Read more

Dad Suspects Boy Chatting with His Daughter on Social Networks and Saves Her from Being Traded

When a father found out that his daughter was speaking to someone online, his parental instincts kicked in. He saw something that made him call the police.  When 15-year-old Bruce started speaking to Scott Jenkins’ daughter, Haylee, also 15, the father wasn’t immediately worried. Jenkins had warned his children about the dangers of the world wide web before, and … Read more

Closer Weekly: James Garner’s Daughter Revealed He Had Fits of Anger

James Garner starred in about 50 films and enjoyed a successful acting career. However, he disliked the trappings of stardom and raised his family out of the spotlight. Find out how he was as a father.  American actor and producer James Garner was known for his lead roles in the television series “Maverick” and “The … Read more

Mom Is Torn Apart When Nobody Congratulates Her on the Birth of Her Daughter

After giving birth to her baby, a mother could not figure out what was happening as the room fell into complete dead, anxious silence. She was beyond terrified at what words would break the quiet atmosphere.  In 2018, after 9 months of trying to conceive, 36-year-old Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman and her husband, 41-year-old Erik, were thrilled … Read more

Florence Henderson’s Death 3 Days After Reuniting with Her ‘Brady Bunch’ Daughter Was a ‘Shock’

Although “Brady Bunch” star Florence Henderson was 82 when she died, her death shocked everybody as she had not been sick and even reunited with her on-screen daughter just days before. Florence Henderson became a television icon and one of America’s TV moms in the late 1960s when she started portraying Carol Brady on the popular … Read more

Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Chelsea Called It ‘Hurtful’ When the Star Once Reported Her Missing

Rosie O’Donnell once reported her daughter Chelsea “missing” in 2014. The young woman opened up about how the experience felt for her. Rosie O’Donnell and her daughter Chelsea were not on good terms for the longest time, and the height of it happened back in 2015 when the comedian reported her daughter “missing.” Months later, the then-18-year-old … Read more