NCIS’ Lucas Black Sacrificed Successful Career for Family

Lucas Black broke many hearts when his on-screen character in “NCIS: New Orleans” died. However, after explaining his decision, he received a ton of support. Find out more. Over the years, American Television and Film Actor Lucas Black has proven to be one of the most talented people in Hollywood. Although he is just 39 years … Read more

Britney Spears Shares Career Plans Following End Of Conservatorship

Britney Spears has announced her plans for her career following the termination of her conservatorship, and while some fans may have hoped for some new music, it is sadly not to be.  Spears was under a conservatorship with her father for almost fourteen years but was released from the contract earlier this year after many … Read more

Susan Sarandon Kept Unplanned Pregnancy at 38 despite Advice Implying It Would Ruin Her Career

Susan Sarandon decided to follow her heart when it came to motherhood despite the free flow of advice from women who had tested the waters before her. She ignored them and nurtured more than two pregnancies after turning 38.  More than once, many female celebrities have complained about their experiences in Hollywood. Some maintain that … Read more

Stranger Gave Carol Burnett Money to Start Her Career & Made Her Promise She Would Help People

Carol Burnett might’ve become one of the most well-known actresses, but her start was a difficult one. A stranger actually paid for her college tuition to help Burnett start her career. In the 1930s, Carol Burnett’s father, Joseph, a movie theater manager, and mother, Creighton, an aspiring writer, moved the family from San Antonio, Texas, … Read more

Eric & Julia Roberts Did Not Talk for Years despite His Support at the Start of Her Career

American actor Eric Roberts was on the path to becoming an A-list star due to his strong acting performances early in his career. However, drug problems derailed his promising career and left him estranged from sister Julia Roberts for years.  Eric Roberts was born in Biloxi, Mississippi but grew up in Georgia due to his parents’ divorce. … Read more

Chris O’Donnell Put ‘The Brakes’ on His Promising Career for His Wife & Mother of His 5 Kids

Popular Hollywood actor Chris O’Donnell, who is also a very likable person, opted to get married at 26 years old instead of living a playboy life.  Chris O’Donnell is popularly known as one of the lead characters in CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles.” The actor has been a prominent figure in Hollywood since he made his movie debut … Read more

Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Once Struggled Financially despite Success Early on in His Career

After rising to fame, Wes Bentley almost threw his career away as he struggled with drug addiction. However, he eventually recovered and saved his career. Get inside his remarkable story.  Wes Bentley is best known for playing Ricky Fitts in the 1999 film “American Beauty.” His starring performance earned him a nomination for the BAFTA … Read more

Dixie Carter Found Love Again with Co-Star after Giving up Career for the Sake of 1st Marriage

American Actress Dixie Carter gave up life as a movie star for her first marriage. However, what she didn’t know was that her true love lies in the movie industry. When Dixie Carter’s name shows up on tabloids, what comes to mind are those iconic brunette curls she often styled in a side-part and her … Read more

Chuck Norris Sacrificed His Career to Take Care of His Wife after She Suffered ‘Brain Damage’

As a martial arts expert, Chuck Norris became a legendary action movie actor who made fans fall in love with his skills. In 1972, Chuck Norris made his official movie debut when he starred alongside Bruce Lee in “Way of the Dragon.” The actor hasn’t stopped since then and now boasts an immense professional career. However, in … Read more

Harry Reasoner’s Wife Quit Career to Care of Their 7 Kids

Television newsman Harry Reasoner had a fascinating personal life with a wife that gave up her career to look after their children, only to have the star leave her for a much younger woman. Harry Reasoner’s ex-wife, Kathleen Carroll Reasoner, initially graduated from St. Paul, Minneapolis’ William Mitchell College of Law in 1952. She was … Read more

Nicole Kidman Put Her Acting Career on Hold in 1984 and Studied Massage to Help Her Mother

For Nicole Kidman, family is all that matters! The Hollywood star whose love for her mom is no secret went as far as to put her career on hold to help her in 1984 as she battled one of the most deadly illnesses. Top American Movie Star Nicole Kidman is no stranger to the spotlight and … Read more

Child Star Dana Hill’s Diabetes Ended Her Sport Career and Caused Her Death in the 90s at 32

In death, Dana Hills remains a source of inspiration to many going through difficult situations. She fought for a career as an actress despite being diagnosed with diabetes at age ten, inside her inspiring life. American Actress Dana Hill is one outstanding entertainer who will always be remembered in Hollywood for her memorable roles. She … Read more