Nurses Help Elderly Man Marry His Beloved in Hospital after He’s Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

A couple living in Mackworth, near Derby, England, have tied the knot after being together for 40 years. The hospital staff organized the wedding ceremony three days after the groom found out he had incurable cancer.  Love is a beautiful feeling, transcending all boundaries and having the magical power to comfort people in ways they … Read more

Mother Defies Odds to Beat Stage 4 Cancer for Her Newborn Son

Ashley Hallford pins her ability to beat stage 4 cancer down to her connection with a higher power – but this was not the only miracle that happened in this Wonder Woman’s life.  A woman of faith, Hallford’s life is nothing short of magical, with the first astounding phenomenon occurring when she and her husband David Hallford tried … Read more

Boy Gets a Puppy as Birthday Gift from His Father Who Died of Cancer and Breaks into Tears

A father and son were torn apart, leaving the young boy with an empty space in his chest. However, this kid’s dad knew exactly what he needed to revitalize his son’s soul, making sure that he didn’t leave this earth without reminding his child how deeply he loved him.  Teenager Logan Kavaluskis from Michigan is a true animal lover. … Read more

‘I Believed Love Could Cure Cancer’

American singer and songwriter Steve Perry left music for many years but returned after being inspired by a dying woman he fell in love with. Find out about the beautiful love story.  Steve Perry is famous for being the lead singer of the rock band Journey when they were most commercially successful from 1977 to … Read more

Teacher Takes in a Former Student with Down Syndrome after His Mother Dies of Breast Cancer

When a student lost his mother to breast cancer, a teacher stepped in to help and gave him a loving home. She adopted the child in need, and the late mom gave her approval before her passing.  In 2019, a Massachusetts teacher made a special promise to a student and his mother. The mom had been … Read more

Mother-Of-Three Keeps Her Promise to Adopt Six Kids of Best Friend Who Passed Away from Cancer

A mother of three’s family tripled after she decided to adopt the six children of her friend, who died of breast cancer. Although it was a difficult decision, it eventually became worth the effort. Find out more. In 2016, a Virginia mother of three, Stephanie Culley, expanded her family and became a mother of nine … Read more

Nurse and Cancer Patient Sing a Moving Duet of ‘O Holy Night’ in the Hospital

In 2019 a nurse decided to brighten a patient’s day by joining him in singing a beautiful rendition of “O Holy Night.” The video quickly went viral and moved many viewers to tears.   An oncology nurse at Sarah Cannon Cancer Centre, Nashville, formed a special bond with a cancer patient. He had been battling cancer since 2010, and the 67-year-old … Read more

Mom Fighting Lung Cancer Is Surprised by Her Son Who Travelled 1,500 Miles for Christmas

One man was terrified that if he didn’t plan to see his mother during the festive season, he might never see her again. So, he did the unthinkable. In 2019, 32-year-old Jacob Hendry was studying mechanical engineering in California. He began in 2014, but for all five years, he missed his relatives. He had to move away from his hometown Fremont, … Read more

Dad Meets Newborn Daughter for the First Time 3 Hours before His Death from Cancer

A pregnant wife didn’t think her sick husband would get a chance to meet his daughter. However, the newborn baby spent three hours with her father before passing away.  In 2019 a father who was battling cancer had one wish. He dreamed about meeting his new baby girl. Brett Kinloch, then 31, died shortly after his … Read more

Man with Stage 4 Cancer Suspected His Wife of Infidelity and Installed a GPS Tracker in Her Car

A man battling stage 4 cancer was distressed after discovering his wife’s infidelity. He installed a GPS tracker in her car to track her down with her alleged boyfriend, and she was unaware of it.  A 63-year-old man was stuck between his stage 4 cancer and the shattering truth of his beloved’s infidelity, so he turned … Read more

Mom Gives Birth to Son Only Hours before Her Husband’s Death from Cancer

What began as a moment of joy for Haley Parke turned into sadness, as she lost her husband to cancer a few hours after she welcomed their son. Here’s the whole story. A Connecticut woman identified as Haley Parke has revealed what can only be described as a bittersweet moment in her life as the … Read more

Couple Lose Their Daughter to Cancer, Later Decide to Adopt Another Sister for Their Son

After losing their adopted daughter to brain cancer, a couple finally got to smile again, following their decision to adopt another little girl and give their son another sibling. In 2017, a San Antonio couple, Mitch and Crissy Finnie, were left in a state of mourning following the death of their two-year-old adopted daughter, Veronica Nicole … Read more