Where to Buy Cheap Furniture 2022

Khadija Horton After a while, the same furniture that moved in with you just…doesn’t hit the same. Whether you’re looking to upgrade that couch to something newer (and better) or you’re finally purchasing a nice desk for your home office, you probably already know that buying furniture isn’t always, uh, kind on your wallet. But … Read more

Where to Buy Crystals Online

Anyone else need all the good vibes they can get? Or maybe you just want to trade in your go-to charm necklace for something a little…~vibier~? Fans of crystals say these sparkly rocks vibrate on frequencies that can connect with our own, promoting intelligence, calmness, self-love, and all sorts of other positive qualities. They work … Read more

Where to Buy Cute Face Masks That Protect Against Omicron — Stylish Face Masks You Can Order Online

I don’t need to remind you that Covid is still very much a thing, and the Omicron variant is causing case numbers to skyrocket because it’s even more contagious than the original virus…yet here I am. Anyways, it’s still super important to continue wearing a protective face mask or face-covering in public (even indoors!) to … Read more

Poor Old Lady Cuts Her Gorgeous Hair to Buy Her Husband a Gift and It Upsets Him — Story of the Day

Agnes chopped off her waist-length hair to buy her husband Jim a Christmas present. In an exciting turn of events, Jim had planned something similar for her, but what began as a loving present for the beloved better halves turned out to be something hilarious. Agnes and Jim were happily married for 60 years, even … Read more

Mother-Of-Eight Slammed for Refusing to Buy Her Kids Christmas Gifts

If you celebrate Christmas, you most likely remember waking up early in the morning, ecstatic about what Santa Clause left you under the tree. Well, what if he left you nothing?  Thirty-five-year-old mom of 8, decluttering coach, and social media influencer Angie Wipf from Canada has, like many online personalities, been attacked by the internet over … Read more

Mom and Kids Lose Their Home, Strangers Raise Money and Buy Them a Trailer

A homeless family from Elk Grove, California, was shown love and kindness by strangers. The mother and her kids received a new trailer just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Parents always strive to provide for their family, despite the odds stacked against them. But sometimes, dire circumstances can make things difficult, leaving them no choice but to … Read more

Customers Buy Car for a Fast Food Employee to Show Appreciation for Her Service

An elderly fast-food employee who had been serving the community for over 30 years and greeting her customers with a warm smile was rewarded in the most heartwarming way.  Believe it or not, random acts of kindness are bound to have a significant impact and go a long way in lifting people’s spirits. In a time … Read more

Old Veteran Peddles All His Medals to Buy Food, Little Boy Sees It and Approaches Him — Story of the Day

A little boy overwhelms an old veteran by his act of kindness when he gets to know that the older man goes around the whole village selling his medals in exchange for food. Tom was just 4 when his parents died in a car accident. After that, his grandmother Donna raised the boy alone. They lived … Read more

Homeless Young Woman Doesn’t Eat for a Week to Buy a Cell Phone and Call Dad for Help — Story of the Day

A homeless young woman goes without food for weeks in order to save money for a cell phone so that she can call her father. When her father arrives, he is astounded to see his daughter standing in thin, dark, and ragged clothes. Amber married her boyfriend Louis after only a year of dating, and … Read more

Store Clerk Kicks Out Poor Little Boy Who Wants to Buy a Doll for His Dying Mom – Story of the Day

A store clerk kicks out a boy in rags from his store. Later, he regrets his decision when he follows him and hears him telling the story about why he wanted to buy a doll. Little Jake walked into a toy store and chose a doll from the front row. He was only five years old … Read more

Chubby Checker & His Miss World Wife Couldn’t Buy a House with Dignity after Wedding

Chubby Checker has been married to his wife, former beauty queen Catharina Lodders, for almost six decades. In the early months of their interracial marriage, they struggled with American racial issues and found it hard to buy a home.  American rock and roll singer and dancer Chubby Checker is known for popularizing dance styles like the Pony … Read more

Homeless Man Spends His Last Money to Buy Cake for Lost Little Boys, Then Finds Their Mother – Story of the Day

A homeless man is rewarded with riches beyond his wildest imagination after he spends his last cash on two little lost boys he had never known.  “Give me all your money.”  That was the last thing Derek Blaise heard as he walked down 3rd Avenue in New York. There was a mass outcry for help … Read more