Chained Woman Has Become the Face of Bride Trafficking in China

The Chinese government has launched a year-long campaign to stem trafficking of women and children. The decision was prompted by a public uproar over its longstanding failure to tackle bride trafficking. It all started with a woman the authorities call Little Plum Flower. Shocking images of Little Plum Flower, whose surname is Yang, surfaced in late January after … Read more

Bride Starts Crying at Her Wedding after Hearing Her Stepdaughter’s Speech

Cliches of Cinderella and her “evil stepmother” come to mind when imagining stepmoms. However, in reality, this is untrue for many. One stepdaughter went out of her way to prove it, taking everyone’s breath away in the process.  They were both strangers at a restaurant in New York in 2016. However, when Beth Lancaster-Anderson and her now-husband Daniel Anderson locked eyes, it was love … Read more

Bride Pretends to Be an Orphan to Exclude Her Poor Dirty Mom from Her Luxury Wedding — Story of the Day

A bride pretended to be orphaned in order to keep her mother out of her wedding. But in the end, she came to regret her actions as life taught her a vital lesson. Jill was the only child in her family, and she was only four years old when her father abandoned her. Her mother … Read more

Bride Surprises Guests at the Wedding by Making Vows to Her Husband’s Ex-girlfriend and Son

During their vow ceremony, a bride turned her attention away from the groom and focused on two unusual guests—the groom’s ex-girlfriend and their son. Her words left everyone in tears.  Katie Musser was not a conventional bride when she got married in 2017. During the ceremony, the woman took the spotlight off her and her … Read more

Little Girl Deliberately Ruins the Dress of Her Father’s Bride during the Wedding

A girl opened up on Reddit about how she took revenge on her father’s bride. She revealed that her father was marrying a woman she disliked after divorcing her mother.  She shared that her father married another woman four years after divorcing his mother. She was only thirteen years old when her father tied the … Read more

Bride Moved to Tears as Late Father’s Best Friend Surprises Her to Walk Her Down the Aisle

When her father passed away, one bride was heartbroken that he would never have the opportunity to walk her down the aisle. However, her dad’s best friend stepped up and gave her a special surprise.  Allyson Eischens lost her father in 2005, but thankfully her fiancé, Garret, came up with a surprise plan for her walk down the … Read more

Bride Hears Late Father’s Recorded Voice on Wedding Day Thanks to Her Brothers’ Ingenuity

Kaley West had a wedding dance to remember after her five older brothers took turns to dance with her in substitution for their father, who died in 2015. Get inside the beautiful and emotional moment.  Kaley West had a close bond with her father, David West, and always looked forward to the day he would … Read more

Just before Her Wedding, Bride Gets into a Car Crash and Loses Her Ability to Walk — Story of the Day

Caroline and Jacob had a meet-cute on the streets and started dating. However, Caroline’s parents disapproved of the relationship because Jacob was poor. One day, she got into a terrible accident in his car and couldn’t walk again. Then Jacob shocked all of them. “I still remember the day we met vividly. It felt like we … Read more

Groom Learns Bride Is the Daughter of His Father’s Killer — Story of the Day

Chris was waiting at the altar for his future wife, Debra, when he saw the man who killed his father ten years earlier. He was her father! He lunged at him, but the man had an explanation that changed Chris’s family forever.  Chris was nervously waiting next to his best man and the other groomsmen … Read more

Poor Guy Escapes on His Wedding Day, 50 Years Later Bride Discovers It Was Her Father’s Plan – Story of the Day

Karl was forced to run away from his wedding, but Jessica never understood why he stood her up at the altar. Years later, she received a note in the mail with his name on it. No matter how much time had passed, Jessica never forgot him, and what he wrote was astonishing. “You will leave … Read more

Groom Is Hospitalized on His Wedding Day, So the Bride Decides to Celebrate without Him

Recently, a couple proved that they were ready to go to any length to get married, as the bride proceeded with the wedding celebration, despite the groom’s absence. What happened to the groom? Find out! No matter how a groom and a bride want their wedding day to look, things do not always go as … Read more

The Day before Her Wedding, Bride Receives a Note of Congratulations from a Homeless Man – Story of the Day

Lucy was finishing wedding preparations with her mother Natalie when a homeless man handed her a note. She burst into tears after reading it and confronted her mother about its contents. Then she made a decision and surprised everyone when she walked down the aisle. “Don’t worry, dear. Everything will be ready for your BIG day tomorrow,” … Read more