Kylie Jenner Just Welcomed a Baby Boy With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner is officially a mom of two! The 24-year-old welcomed a baby boy with Travis Scott on 2/2/22 and announced the happy baby news on Insta Sunday night. “💙 2/2/22,” she captioned the black-and-white photo of her and her son’s hands. The pic is definitely similar to the Instagram announcement she made when she … Read more

Boy Insists He Has an Identical Twin in Class — His Mom’s Heart Melts When She Sees Their Photo

Two of the cutest 5-year-old friends posed for a photo at school, complete with their coordinating outfits and adorable smiles. However, an awestruck mother couldn’t believe what she saw when she looked at the picture.  Being a parent is a full-time job. That’s why, in 2019, when Britney Tankersley’s son Myles suddenly told her at 8:00 PM that he needed matching … Read more

Young Man Sees a Little Boy in the Park Who Is a Carbon Copy of Him as a Child – Story of the Day

A young man sees a little replica of himself at the park, and it leads him down the rabbit hole of finding out about his parents’ messy past.  George Thorn had no worries in the world. He was a young man of 27 who had worked as a chef at his favorite restaurant which was located … Read more

Bus Passengers Lash Out at Boy Who Wouldn’t Give Up His Seat for Old Lady, Driver Defends Him — Story of the Day

Everyone on the bus yelled at a young boy who refused to give up his seat to an older woman. However, the complaints faded away a few minutes later after the bus driver defended the youngster. It was a cold wintry morning in Orange County, Florida when a swarm of people boarded Timmy’s bus. Timmy, a chubby, … Read more

Poor Boy Nearly Dies Saving His Drowning Classmate, Next Day Sees Luxury Car Stop near Hospital — Story of the Day

A class bully who risks his life to save a drowning classmate is taken aback when he sees an unfamiliar luxury car parked outside the hospital and his parents emerge from it. Ron Holland was a class bully and really hotheaded. None of Ron’s classmates dared to oppose him when he said or wanted something from … Read more

Passengers Ignore Crying Little Boy until a Woman Finds Out He Boarded the Wrong Plane — Story of the Day

A young boy got lost at the airport and started to cry after realizing his mistake on the plane, but nobody paid him any attention until a woman took action.  Lucas Adam was a kid of eight years when he was told by his mother Evelyn that they would be joining the external family for … Read more

Boy Finds Unconscious Woman in the Park, His Mother Recognizes Her as Her Long-Lost Sister – Story of the Day

When her child discovered an unconscious woman in the park, Rebecca rushed to help and thought she looked familiar. However, she couldn’t remember why until the woman woke up in the hospital and called her name. It was her missing big sister, who had a shocking story to tell. “Mom! Come! There’s a lady on … Read more

Neighbors Call Authorities to Shut Down a Boy Selling Hot Dogs and Officials Help Him Instead

One young boy was close to having his dreams crushed by adults seemingly determined to break down his beloved entrepreneurial endeavor.  Teenager Jaequan Faulkner re-opened a fast-food stand, complete with hot dogs, soda, and chips in 2018 in front of his house in Minnesota. It was initially opened in 2016. His objective was to raise money for school … Read more

Officer Adopts Abused Boy He Rescued on the Job — 5 Years Later the Boy Speaks about His New Life

A police officer officially adopted a young boy and his sister two years after rescuing them from physically abusive parents. 2015 was a turning point for John Thompson, as it marked the end of his long-suffering in the hands of his abusive parents and the onset of the rest of his life. His new dawn … Read more

Old Lady Is Shivering in the Biting Cold, Everyone Ignores Her except a Brave Little Boy — Story of the Day

Everyone who knew Martha ignored her because of what they’d been told about her, but her lonely fate changed one day when a little boy approached her. Martha was unusual. She knew it, and so did everyone who lived in the quaint little town she moved to after losing her life savings to a con … Read more

Adopted Boy with Down Syndrome Is Pleasantly Surprised to Be Reunited with His Biological Mom

A teenager with Down syndrome could barely control his emotions after opening a car door to discover his birth mom one year after his adoption. The Down syndrome adoption network has helped take many kids with the condition out of foster care to enable them to experience familial affection. Closely supporting this cause is the … Read more

Dad Suspects Boy Chatting with His Daughter on Social Networks and Saves Her from Being Traded

When a father found out that his daughter was speaking to someone online, his parental instincts kicked in. He saw something that made him call the police.  When 15-year-old Bruce started speaking to Scott Jenkins’ daughter, Haylee, also 15, the father wasn’t immediately worried. Jenkins had warned his children about the dangers of the world wide web before, and … Read more