Adopted Kid’s Mom Recognizes His Biological Father Panhandling near a Supermarket

A Utah family who adopted their four-year-old son met his biological father near a supermarket. The reunion took place after the kid’s mom noticed an older adult panhandling around the area. Brandy Vega and her family, including her adopted son, 4-year-old Blaze, and her husband, scheduled the weekend of January 7 for family shopping. The … Read more

Adopted Boy with Down Syndrome Is Pleasantly Surprised to Be Reunited with His Biological Mom

A teenager with Down syndrome could barely control his emotions after opening a car door to discover his birth mom one year after his adoption. The Down syndrome adoption network has helped take many kids with the condition out of foster care to enable them to experience familial affection. Closely supporting this cause is the … Read more

NBA’s Larry Bird Loved Adopted Kids More Than Biological Child Who Hoped to be Part of His Life

Larry Bird is an NBA star that many looked up to for his legacy in the basketball world. However, not many people know that he has a daughter that he has neglected for many years.  Before Larry Bird became the NBA superstar that he is, in 1975, he was a student at Indiana State University who married his … Read more

Woman Finds Out Her Biological Mother Who Abandoned Her in the Cold Lives Next Door – Story of the Day

Anna always knew she was adopted and loved her parents dearly. But she got a DNA test just in case to see if there were any matches. Nothing happened for years until her family made contact and wanted to meet her for a strange reason. At the age of 43, Anna decided to get one of those … Read more

Woman Gives Parents DNA Testing Kit, Finds Out Her Mother Lied to Her about Biological Dad

A woman bought an Ancestry DNA kit for her mother, who had been adopted, so that she could trace her birth parents. She also gave one to her father, so he didn’t feel left out, but the results of his test left her utterly shocked.  Life is full of unexpected surprises, but sometimes, we can … Read more

Woman Takes DNA Test to Prove to Another Woman That She Is Her Newborn’s Biological Mother – Story of the Day

Samantha was shocked when a strange woman showed up at her door and said her baby wasn’t hers. She didn’t believe it, but the DNA test revealed something shocking, and her husband confessed a horrible truth. “Hello, may I help you?” Samantha asked the woman who had shown up at her door. The stranger looked … Read more

Young Man Adopts an Orphan Boy and Finds Out He Is His Biological Son – Story of the Day

When Ryan and his wife couldn’t have children, they adopted a six-year-old boy who had been returned to the orphanage after almost being adopted. The kid looked precisely like Ryan, which raised everyone’s suspicions. And that’s when Ryan’s mother had something shocking to confess. “Honey, he looks exactly like you. It’s amazing!” Ryan’s mother, Mrs. … Read more

Mix-Race Baby Was Given Up for Adoption by Biological White Parents Because of Her Skin Color

A mixed-race baby girl born into a white home was put up for adoption because she was born in apartheid South Africa. A white couple in the UK adopted her, and her parents told everyone at home that she had died.  Living with an identity crisis can be damaging to people’s emotional well-being. Often, adopted children … Read more

43-Year-Old Man Dresses up as Buddy the Elf to Meet His Biological Father for the First Time

A father and son met each other for the first time in the weirdest way after the younger man dressed up as Buddy the Elf. Let’s take a look at what happened during the reunion. A man identified as Doug Henning, who dressed as an elf to meet his biological father, Raul, for the first … Read more

Little Biracial Girl Mocked at School for Being Adopted, Later Meets Her Biological Mom — Story of the Day

A 9-year-old girl is in tears after being mocked by her classmates for being adopted. When the girl’s adoptive mother finds out, she decides to contact the girl’s biological mother. “Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. We’ll make sure Kathy doesn’t feel left out. You can rest assured about that,” Kathy’s class teacher, Mrs. Smith, reassured … Read more

Melissa Gilbert’s Biological Parents Gave Her up at Birth to Family That Had ‘No Plans’ to Adopt

+Her biological parents gave her up for adoption when Melissa Gilbert was a baby. Her birth parents couldn’t raise her when she was born because they were focused on their careers. On April 18, 2011, Melissa Gilbert took part in an interview where she opened up about being adopted. She revealed that her given name … Read more

Sandra Bullock Did Not Have Biological Kids to Protect Another Man’s Child

Iconic actress Sandra Bullock has featured in many notable movies and was one time among the highest earners in the industry, but in her personal life, Bullock made a huge sacrifice that defined her life. Sandra Bullock has long been in the movie industry as one of the best talents. The 57-year-old has enjoyed several accolades … Read more