Mom and Daughter Battling Leaks in Their Home Cope with It by Using an Umbrella

A woman living in Brooklyn, New York City, shared she has had leaks in her home since 2018. However, despite asking for help several times, she got no response.  Nothing is more upsetting than living in a place that needs repair and maintenance but doesn’t seem to get any. Imagine living in a house with a … Read more

Children Get Together outside a Hospital to Surprise Their Teacher Battling Stage 4 Cancer

An elementary school teacher discovered why she embraced the profession in the first place when her students turned up for her at a crucial time. After 45 years on the job, Carol Mack knew she’d spent her life well, impacting generations of future leaders. However, she never realized just how deep this impact ran until … Read more

Little Boy in Isolation While Battling Cancer Sees ‘Superheroes’ on His Front Lawn One Day

A young boy battling cancer was surprised to see different acts and performances in front of his window after being put in isolation. It was unfortunate news when little boy Quinn Waters was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, brain cancer, in February 2019. Doctors found a tumor on his brain stem the size of a lime. Although … Read more