Family Adopts 3 Special Needs and Terminally Ill Children Abandoned with Nothing

When her parents moved from America to Guatemala, one woman didn’t know where she fit in. Everything changed when she met a terminally ill baby that set her life on a new trajectory.  Addisyn López and her husband Ronald never knew how one decision would change their lives and the lives of many others. When Addisyn was asked … Read more

Bus Driver Spots an Abandoned Bag under the Seat and Finds a Child in It — Story of the Day

A bus driver is stunned when he finds a child hiding in an abandoned sports bag in his bus, and ends up saving the boy and transforming his own life forever. Adam Loftner was a driver for a well-known intercity bus service and he’d been crossing the country for years. He loved his job, but … Read more

Lonely Man Adopts Baby Girl Abandoned on His Doorstep, Years Later Her Mother Shows Up – Story of the Day

At 42, Simon had an incredibly successful career but no family. He worried that adoption agencies wouldn’t let him become a parent alone. But one day, someone left a basket with a baby girl on his doorstep, and he decided to raise her. Years later, the girl’s mother showed up, and Simon couldn’t believe who she … Read more

Woman Finds Out Her Biological Mother Who Abandoned Her in the Cold Lives Next Door – Story of the Day

Anna always knew she was adopted and loved her parents dearly. But she got a DNA test just in case to see if there were any matches. Nothing happened for years until her family made contact and wanted to meet her for a strange reason. At the age of 43, Anna decided to get one of those … Read more

Struggling Woman Abandoned by Her Father as a Toddler Receives Surprise $86,000 Inheritance

A young New York Lady who struggled since childhood was in time for some good luck when she received her inheritance summed at a whopping amount. This came after over two decades of being abandoned by her father. Rainwater Blackfoot, a young lady from New York, could not have asked for a better pre-birthday present … Read more

Years After Man Forbade Wife to Adopt an Abandoned Girl, She Saves Their Daughter-In-Law’s Life – Story of the Day

A woman is left stunned when the girl she couldn’t adopt years ago appears and saves her daughter-in-law’s life.  “Hello, Anne. I got your address from the hospital records. I hope you remember me. I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my daughter-in-law,” Cynthia said, greeting Anne. “Oh, Mrs. Silvers, please … Read more

Tom Jones’ Abandoned Son Desperately Wants Reunion with Him ‘Before It’s Too Late’ for Them

Tom Jones is one of the most popular vocalists of his generation and currently acts as a judge on “The Voice UK,” where he mentors young singers. Ironically, he has so far refused to meet his second son, who was born as a result of a three-day fling with a supermodel.  Tom Jones was born … Read more

Duane Chapman Begged to See His Son Who Was Adopted & ‘Abandoned’ Him after Reunion, Mom Claimed to The Sun

Duane Chapman pleaded to see his son, whom he was once cruel to. The boy’s mom claims Duane abandoned his son, but the reunion was sensational. However, here is a look at how Duane eventually reunited with his son. Bounty hunter Duane Chapman best known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his family have been in … Read more

Destitute Woman Abandoned by 4 Husbands Meets Pastor Who Helps Her Find True Love — Story of the Day

After four failed marriages, a woman believed God was not with her and lost all hope of finding true love. However, thanks to her pastor, her story took another twist.  Judy Thompson was a heartbroken woman nursing the pain of four failed marriages. She had been married four times, but all her marriages had a … Read more

Young Orphan Suddenly Inherits over $500K Estate from Late Father Who Abandoned Her Years Ago

Abandoned by her dad at three, a 21-year-old woman inherits a whopping $500K estate from him after his death. Unable to muster herself to believe this, she investigates what made him take this big step.  An orphaned woman had a hair-raising experience when her estranged father left her a massive inheritance. He was the same … Read more

Faith Hill ‘Had Felt like a Misfit’ & Struggled to Find Biological Parents Who Abandoned Her

Faith Hill might have an exemplary marriage with the fellow country singer, Tim McGraw, but her childhood had some trauma. Her parents weren’t her biological ones as she was given up for adoption as a child. Faith Hill’s fans know her as a wife to Tim McGraw, a successful musician, and a mother to three daughters. … Read more

Poor Homeless Man Finds Abandoned Car to Hide from Cold, Outraged Neighbor Sets It on Fire — Story of the Day

A homeless man named Jack and his dog Zeus hide in an abandoned car to escape the wintry weather, but one day an evil neighbor sets it on fire while they are in the car. Luckily, an older woman comes to their rescue. Fifty-year-old Jack was wandering the streets one evening looking for a place … Read more