Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Twins, Then Realizes One of Them Is Her Biological Son

A surrogate mother faced an unexpected experience after she gave birth to twins. She realized one of the babies was her biological son, which led to a lengthy battle. 

In 2017, California resident Jessica Allen faced an unimaginable challenge. She had to fight to keep her biological son. Her decision to sign up for surrogacy took an unexpected turn.

She was already a mother to two kids, and she wanted to give back to another family while making some money for her own. The plan was to serve as a gestational surrogate.

Allen would carry a baby for a Chinese couple, and after the child was born, she would deliver and “bless” the couple. However, after the embryo was implanted, the scan showed something miraculous.  

Not only did the embryo take, but there were two embryos. Doctors indicated that the initial embryo split and Allen was now carrying identical twins. She gave birth at 38 weeks, and the mother who would be receiving the baby was in the room.


Allen expressed that she felt bad for the intended mother. She said: “I just grabbed her hand, and I just told her it’s going to be okay.” The mom-to-be took a photo of the infants being delivered and then left the room with them. 

Allen, who gave birth via c-section, didn’t see the children before they were taken away. However, she asked the intended mom to see a picture. Allen immediately saw something interesting in the photo. 


Allen said that even though the babies had beanies on, she could see they looked very different. However, she was told that identical twins could look different. 

Allen said this reassured her, and she didn’t think much of it. As weeks passed, the intended mother contacted Allen. She pointed out that the twins were not identical in any photos. 

Allen, who is white, is married to a black man. One of the babies had a darker complexion, which led the intended mother to have DNA tests done. The results proved that one of the babies was not related to the Chinese parents. 

Allen said: “I immediately started freaking out. Like, What do you mean? I called my caseworker and said, ‘How is the baby not theirs? What does that mean?'” 

They soon found out that one of the babies was related to Allen. It is possible that she was unknowingly pregnant when the embryo transfer was done.

The other possibility is that she conceived naturally shortly after the embryo was implanted. This occurrence is very rare and is called superfetation. 

While Allen was paid extra money because she delivered twins, the mother didn’t want the payment. She wanted her son. The surrogacy agency did not help Allen and her husband.

They also refused to comment on the story due to “confidentiality concerns.”Allen decided to hire a lawyer so that the baby could be returned to them—his biological parents.

The caseworker finally handed over the baby, whom the family has named Malachi. Allen said: “Malachi is just like his brothers, just like his daddy.” Despite living with Allen and her family, Malachi was not seen as her son legally.

She does not even have his birth certificate. Their unique case has caused Allen many problems, and she indicated that she would never act as a surrogate mother again. Regardless, she is grateful to have her son home with her. 

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