Sullivan Sweeten’s Family Was Concerned for His Life after Twin Brother’s Tragic Death at 19

“Everybody Loves Raymond” child actor Sullivan Sweeten was left devastated after his twin brother’s tragic death, leading to his family being concerned for his life. Find out all that happened around the star’s mysterious passing.

Sullivan Sweeten was introduced to show business as a child, and he remained in the entertainment industry till his teenage years. Sullivan became famous as a six-month-old baby starring alongside his twin brother Sawyer in “Everybody Loves Raymond.” 

Decades after the 1996 CBS sitcom aired, fans watched the little boys grow into teenagers. Sadly, viewers couldn’t tell if Sawyer would appear in other movies like his brother or switch his career after a tragic event that occurred in their family.

Although the brothers and their older sister Madylin who was also in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” have a close relationship, the bond between the boys was something no one could fathom. So when Sawyer was reported dead, people couldn’t help but worry about Sullivan’s life.


Sullivan and Sawyer played Michael and Geoffrey Barone, respectively, while their sister Madylin acted as Ally Barone on the 1996 sitcom. The boys were born in Brownwood, Texas, on May 12, 1995. 

The hit 1996 hilarious sitcom made the boys famous. They joined actors Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle, and Monica Horan on the drama based on a family and how they relate with close relatives.

“Everybody Loves Raymond” was one of the fans’ favorite TV shows in the 1990s, and it affected the cast members’ lives by shooting them to stardom. Sadly some of the actors died after the show ended, but some are alive and in the spotlight.

Romano, who starred as Ray Barone, starred in more movies, including “The Big Sick,” “Men of a Certain Age,” “Parenthood,” “Get Shorty, Vinyl,” “Made for Love,” and “The Irishman.” Heaton (Debra Barone) maintained a career as a sitcom star with “The Middle.”

Garrett ( Robert Barone) went on to star in films as “Single Parents” and “Til Death.” He also lent his voice to animation, including appearances in “Ratatouille,” “Tangled,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Christopher Robin.”

Roberts (Marie Barone), Boyle (Frank Barone), and Horan (Amy MacDougall) all continued blessing fans with unique acts in other movies. Even the kids on the show, Madylin and her younger brother Sullivan, continued to do great in Hollywood. 

Sullivan  made appearances in “Frank McKlusky, C.I.” in 2002 and “Casting” in 2017 while Madylin appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Dirty John,” and “Lucifer.” Unfortunately, their brother Sawyer wasn’t so fortunate as he passed away.


Sawyer died while on vacation with his brother Sullivan at their aunt’s house in Austin, Texas. Information from the family proved the young actor committed suicide a few weeks before his 20th birthday. 

After Sawyer’s tragic passing, “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal reflected on the boy’s personality in a statement.

According to Rosenthal, the deceased twin and his real-life siblings Sullivan and Madylin were charming kids. He sent his condolences to the family as he expressed deep sadness over the young star’s death.

Heaton, who played Sawyer’s mother on the 1996 show, also paid tribute to him on social media with an emotional write-up where she noted how painful it was that he left “far too soon.” 

His death left families and co-stars devastated. Acknowledging Sawyer’s tragic death in a statement, Romano called him a “wonderful and sweet kid” as he paid tribute to him. His sister Madylin also wrote:

“At this time, I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.”

Sawyer, who was almost 20, was believed to have shot himself in an upstairs room at an $800,000 home while the rest of his family were downstairs. Following the shocking incident, his family tried to find out what could have instigated his actions.

One of Sawyer’s relatives, Jacklyn Stines, pointed out a history of depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and learning difficulties as a possible cause of the suicide. Stines, 64, revealed that the family had a long history of depression in an interview.

According to Stines, Sawyer had a lot of difficulty growing up. He had learning disabilities and struggled at school. He was also on medication, and Stines said she heard he was depressed.

She further explained that she was worried for Sullivan because he and his brother were close and never apart. She went on to talk about the house they shared and other things the boys did together. 

She also believes Sawyer decided to take his life at home in Texas because he had easier access to weapons than he did while at his home in California. His family deeply felt Sawyer’s absence even years after his untimely demise.


Four years after Sawyer died, his family gathered at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in North Hollywood, California, to revamp two old theaters on the church’s grounds to remember their late brother. His family named one of the Theatres “Sawyer’s Playhouse” and marked it with a plaque that said:

“May this place be a light for all to find safety and friendship through creativity. Dedicated on April 23, 2019, by the Sawyer Sweeten Foundation, the Rosenthal Family Foundation…”

Sawyer’s family decided on this after Loft Ensemble was told to move locations due to a rent increase. Madylin and some friends then set up a fundraiser for a new theater, which turned into a dedication for her late brother. 

In an interview, Madylin made it known that her brother had some strong beliefs, and there was something about the church that he loved. She also noted that she always felt his presence when she visited the church.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at

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