Struggling Woman Abandoned by Her Father as a Toddler Receives Surprise $86,000 Inheritance

A young New York Lady who struggled since childhood was in time for some good luck when she received her inheritance summed at a whopping amount. This came after over two decades of being abandoned by her father.

Rainwater Blackfoot, a young lady from New York, could not have asked for a better pre-birthday present some years back, when Inside Edition caught up with her, to present her somewhat long-lost inheritance.

It is safe to say that her inheritance was long-lost because Blackfoot had no idea there was some money stashed away for her. Before she received the money, Blackfoot struggled to get by every day.

Struggling woman who got abandoned but later inherited a huge sum of money. | Photo:

Her life struggles started from childhood when her mom, who did not want her, abandoned her with her dad. Blackfoot lived with her dad until she was three years old, when he put her in foster care.

The young lady in her twenties recalled that her father told her he had a happier life without her. She was left alone, and growing into her adult years was not easy.

She mentioned days when she would go without electricity or food. Blackfoot weathered difficult times, and although she came out stronger, they were quite gruesome. 

This was obvious when she told Lisa Guerrero from Inside Edition that there was usually a catch when people tried to help her. However, she would find out there was no catch with Inside Edition.

Lisa Guerrero joined New York state comptroller Tom DiNapoli to track down Blackfoot. The intent was to tell her about the $86,000 savings lying in her late father’s inactive account.

Blackfoot’s dad passed away in 2008, leaving behind the money, but his daughter did not know about all of these. However, in 2015, The We Find, You Keep campaign discovered the money and worked towards finding the beneficiary.

Struggling woman who got abandoned but later inherited a huge sum of money. | Photo:

When Blackfoot received her money, it happened that it had been a day before her 25th birthday. The young lady stated that she could have never imagined all that money belonged to her.

The inactive savings case of Rainwater Blackfoot is one of many cases, and there is a sum of $49 billion in unclaimed money. However, about $3 billion is returned to the rightful owners yearly.

Struggling woman who got abandoned but later inherited a huge sum of money got surprised with a hidden treasure. | Photo:

Official reports have shown that one in ten citizens have unclaimed money stashed away. However, controllers in different locales have tried to return money to the owners, who are often found with financial disadvantages.

Blackfoot, part American Indian, could not believe how her luck changed after years of being impoverished. The young lady shared that it did not matter where a person was from, as the ending could be beautiful. 

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