Struggling Dad Buys Couch in a Thrift Store, Later Discovers $43K Inside

A Michigan man who bought a couch in a thrift store was surprised when it felt uncomfortable. When his daughter-in-law unzipped the couch cushion, she was astonished to find something stuffed inside. 

Imagine someone struggling to make ends meet and suddenly discovering a hidden treasure that could change their life forever. What do you think they would do, provided their future depended on the decision?

Howard Kirby from Ovid, Michigan, experienced something similar, but what he did next inspired friends, family, and strangers alike. 

The money he found in the couch cushion. [Left] Howard Kirby. [Right] | Photo:

Kirby had endured numerous challenges over the past years. He survived a divorce, lost his beloved cousin to cancer, and had a kidney removed. He had undergone physical, mental, and emotional trauma. 

In addition, his oldest son was laid off and moved in with him, along with his wife and pets. Kirby had a lot on his plate, and his problems only worsened over time. 

But despite the odds, Kirby maintained a positive outlook toward life. He was experienced in handling challenging situations, which prepared him for what he tackled next. 

The couch cushion hiding the money. | Photo: TV5

In 2020, he went to a thrift store to buy a couch. He brought it home, unaware of the treasure hiding inside. One day, Kirby noticed that the couch felt uncomfortable. It was then that his daughter-in-law, Diane, decided to check it. 

Kirby revealed that he felt blessed and tranquil after returning the money and considered it his moral duty.

When she unzipped the couch cushion, Diane was dumbfounded to find a large sum of money. It turned out the couch was stuffed with $43,170. 

The family who donated the couch. | Photo: TV 5

Diane immediately took the money to her husband and father-in-law, who were taken aback. But instead of celebrating the grand discovery and using the hidden money for his needs, Kirby did something completely different. 

He went back to the thrift store and, with their help, returned the money to its rightful owner. The benevolent man was supported in his decision by his son and daughter-in-law. 

The family that donated the couch thanked Kirby and took him out to dinner. They even said they wanted to do something to repay him for his generosity. The couch had belonged to their late grandfather.

Howard Kirby pictured with the family who donated the couch. | Photo: TV5

Soon afterward, Kirby’s benevolence became known everywhere, and several people stepped up to appreciate his efforts and help him. An overwhelmed Kirby also expressed:

“There is so much thankfulness, it boggles my mind sometimes what is happening for me. I’m just amazed by it.

John Conversa, branch manager of Eikenhout Saginaw, was inspired by Kirby’s story and decided to help fund his housing needs, like roof repairs.

He explained how he wanted to promote kindness and was glad to encounter an upstanding man like Kirby. Jay Tyrrell from Ancaster, Ontario, was moved by Kirby’s efforts and organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for him, which raised over $2,200.

Kirby revealed that he felt blessed and tranquil after returning the money and considered it his moral duty. We need more people like Kirby who inspire the world with benevolence and honesty. 

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