Stepdaughter Interrupts Wedding Ceremony with a Letter for Stepdad, Asking Him to Adopt Her

When a man tied the knot with the love of his life, he had no idea he would fall in love with another girl along the way – his stepdaughter. Weeks later, he staged a family photoshoot to announce he had adopted the little princess officially.

Having a family to come home to at the end of the day can make a world of difference in people’s lives. Moreover, children with a supportive family grow up to become wonderful human beings.  

However, familial bonds don’t always come through blood connections. When love is the foundation of any relationship, nothing else matters. The incredible daddy-daughter story we’re about to share will restore your belief in genuine love. 

[Left] Annie and Tim with Kylee at the altar on their wedding day. [Right] Tim reading a heartfelt note to Kylee. | Photo: Bobbitt

When Tim Bobbitt crossed paths with Annie, he couldn’t help falling for her. Bobbitt knew he wanted to stay by her side for the rest of their lives from the moment he laid eyes on her. 

As he began spending more time with Annie, he fell in love with her little daughter, Kylee. It was something he hadn’t planned, but the experience changed his life for the best. 

Over time, Bobbitt and Kylee became the best of friends. They began enjoying each other’s company, so much so that Bobbitt would often tuck her in bed at night. The two loved watching movies, dancing in the kitchen, and playing video games. 

Tim Bobbitt and Kylee. | Photo: Bobbitt

Bobbitt and Kylee’s bond became more profound with time, and the two were practically inseparable. Annie loved watching them cherish each other’s company and could see how Bobbitt had slowly begun to take on the role of Kylee’s dad. 

Once Bobbit was done reading the heartwarming note he had himself penned down, tears welled up in Kylee’s eyes.

Kylee loved Bobbitt with all her heart despite having no blood ties, and he felt the same way. However, Bobbitt never compelled Kylee to call her “dad,” despite being there for her in ways a father would for his daughter. 

Tim Bobbitt and Kylee share an emotional hug. | Photo: Bobbitt

Finally, Annie and Bobbitt decided to tie the knot. On the big day in 2017, they stood at the altar, eternalizing their love in front of their loved ones. But what happened next was something none of them was prepared for. 

Annie and Bobbitt were in the middle of their wedding ceremony when Little Kylee walked up to Bobbitt with an envelope in her hand. She handed him the envelope and asked him to open it in front of the guests. 

Bobbitt took out the handwritten note from Kylee, asking him if he would like to adopt her as his daughter officially. As was expected, everyone, including the bride, groom, and the guests, was moved to tears.

Tim Bobbitt gifted a special ring to Kylee after telling her she had been adopted officially. | Photo: Bobbitt

A few weeks later, Annie and Bobbitt faked a family photoshoot to reveal the big news to Kylee. As everyone was busy taking pictures, Bobbitt took a few photos of Kylee, only to kneel beside her afterward, with a letter he had written. It said: 

“I look forward to the day when I walk you down the aisle because that’s what fathers do. And the reason why I can say that is because today is the day with all of our family and friends that I get to adopt you.”

Once he was done reading the heartwarming note he had himself penned down; tears welled up in Kylee’s eyes. Her stepdad then hugged her warmly, and the two shared an emotional moment. 

As her stepfather, Bobbitt had another gift in store for Kylee. He gave her a special ring, and their family members congratulated the daddy-daughter duo. We hope Annie, Bobbitt, and Kylee will create many more lovely memories together. 

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