Son’s ‘Comment’ Convinces Woman’s Boyfriend to Install Hidden Recorder to Prove She’s Cheating

A Redditor suspected his girlfriend cheated on him when her son passed a weird comment about her. He decided to find out the truth himself and installed a hidden audio recorder in her apartment.

Redditor GamingGems’s relationship with his partner was becoming rockier than before. Still, he decided to be fair and square, assuming things would get better. 

Despite having several highs and lows, the Original Poster (OP) thought his relationship was perfect in every way. Also, he wasn’t the kind to quickly break up because he planned a surprise for their future. However, his girlfriend’s sudden arrogant attitude troubled him, and he turned to a spy recorder for evidence. 

The OP didn’t know why his partner behaved differently with him. He was never used to seeing her act this way. Gradually, he started having his doubts, particularly after a heated argument with her. He explained:

“During an argument with her, her son made a comment that had me thinking she isn’t being faithful. She’s also been acting very weird and distant.”

The OP wanted to find the answers but decided not to confront his girlfriend directly. After deep thought, he decided to find out the truth and bought an audio recorder to spy on her.

Installing the device without her consent meant more risk legally. However, the OP knew he had no choice because there was no way his partner would confess the truth. He waited for a good chance. The OP added:

“I bought a hidden audio recorder, stayed the night at her apartment, left for work in the morning, and left the recorder on a dresser.”

On the first day of the recording, she had an old friend come over. She’d already informed the OP in advance. He didn’t find anything suspicious at first.

She had adopted her cousin’s five-year-old daughter because both the parents couldn’t care for her. He was even aware that the girl’s father occasionally visited her at his partner’s house. The OP explained:

“So, she allowed the father to come over and visit his child he hasn’t seen in forever. They play and chat for a while, that’s it, nothing else.”

The recordings seemed fine. He listened to their conversations and felt assured in his relationship. Still, he wanted to be sure and hid the recorder in his girlfriend’s apartment again.

The OP thought the recordings would be the same. But as soon as he began listening, he was sickened. The tapes were unsettling. He added:

“One of the early conversations is a phone call where my GF is telling someone in a crying voice, “why aren’t you calling me anymore? … are you still with that [expletive]?”

Each conversation in the recording revealed some disturbing details. Soon, the OP heard the most dreaded part on the second half of the audio. He listened to his partner get intimate with her niece’s father.

The OP was shattered. Since he was falsely accused of cheating in his previous relationship, he’d even decided to give his partner the benefit of the doubt if there was no solid evidence.

The OP thought he’d wasted time trying to mend a false relationship with someone who’d been lying since day one.

He called his girlfriend and told her he needed to talk. He sounded brash yet polite, letting her know it wouldn’t end well.

He decided to tell her that he found out through a “source” because he feared the legal issues. He even planned to block her number in front of her and tell her about how he’d been saving for their new house.

The OP thought he’d wasted time trying to mend a false relationship with someone who’d been lying since day one. He believed he should’ve looked for a trustworthy partner instead. After reading his post, user Imdoingmybestguys advised:

“Confronting her will exert more energy than you think. It’ll create more issues and more stress. Ghost that [expletive]. Not a word to her. Disappear out her life. Block her or delete all social media. Let her wonder and worry about you. That’s the ultimate revenge.”

Some advised OP that his girlfriend would go crazy if he blocked her without revealing the reason. Others sided with him, telling him to keep the breakup short and straightforward and never look back.

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