Son Wants to Thank His Parents for Their Hard Work and Secretly Buys Them a House

Before becoming a social media star and YouTube personality, a man from Orlando had dreamed of repaying his parents for their tireless hard work and endless sacrifices. In 2017, he finally succeeded in showing his gratitude.

Having a loving and supportive family can make a world of difference in a person’s life. Often, children tend to take their parents’ efforts and sacrifices for granted.

Nonetheless, it’s never too late to show your gratitude and tell your parents how much they mean to you. LeJuan James from Puerto Rico did this for his mom and dad, even though it took him a long time to plan the perfect surprise.

[Left] Baby LeJuan with his parents. [Right] LeJuan sharing an emotional moment with his parents after the house reveal. | Photo: James |

James’s family moved to the U.S. from Puerto Rico to provide a better life for him and his siblings. His parents had been married for over three decades and had always ensured their children received the best opportunities. James told E!News: 

“My parents would bust their tail working overnights, working multiple shifts and they’d alternate to take care of us, it was three of us (sic).”

Growing up, James and his siblings had everything they wished for, and it was all due to the relentless efforts his parents made every day. Due to his family’s emotional and financial support, James carved a successful career for himself.

LeJuan James taking his parents for the house reveal with blindfolds on their eyes. | Photo: James

After moving to the U.S., his parents had to do extra shifts to provide for their family. His mother was a cleaner at Disney World during the day. In the evenings and nights, she worked at a pharmacy checkout. 

A teary-eyed James narrated his parents’ sacrifices in the three-minute-long clip and gave a tribute to his loving grandma at the end of the video.

His father worked as a maintenance worker and did shifts at Burger King. He often did night shifts to meet the family’s daily expenses.

LeJuan James’s parents taking off their blindfolds. | Photo: James

James felt he hadn’t been as grateful as he should have during his childhood, and it was time to show some love to his parents. So, in 2016, he began making efforts to buy a new place for his parents. He shared with E!News: 

“It was five months of me working and planning with my realtor to try to find the right home to accommodate them, especially where they wanted to live and be around their businesses.” 

The YouTube star’s parents had been not only through financial troubles but had also battled emotional trauma. In 2007, they lost their two houses in foreclosures. Soon afterward, James’s grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Despite being in a financial crisis, the social media star shared how his parents tried to consult the best cancer specialists for her treatment. James saw the way his mom and dad took care of her sick grandma, which influenced his personality.

Being inspired by the sacred bonds of family, sacrifice, and love that he had experienced full-circle, James was able to prepare the perfect surprise for his parents. He also tried his best to keep things a secret until the final reveal. 

Finally, the fateful day arrived when James drove his parents to their brand new house with blindfolds on their eyes. He then walked them slowly to their dream house and asked them to take off their blindfolds. What happened next was heart-warming.

At first, his parents were so confused that they didn’t know how to react. But the moment it sank in that the house in front of them was indeed a gift from their son, they were overwhelmed. Regarding the precious moment, James shared:

“They deserve it because they’re great parents.”

The YouTube and social media star, who is best known for his hilarious videos and comic content, shared the heartwarming video of the house reveal and his parents’ reaction on YouTube and Facebook, where it has amassed 7.9 million views so far.

The heart-touching video showed James and his parents sharing tender hugs and kisses. A teary-eyed James narrated his parents’ sacrifices in the three-minute-long clip and gave a tribute to his loving grandma at the end of the video.

His fans worldwide shared positive feedback on the emotional clip and even sent emails to him, thanking him for being a source of inspiration for them. Indeed, what James did for his parents is genuinely incredible.

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