Son Leaves Elderly Parents in Tears by Turning His Basement into a Refurbished Suite for Them

An elderly couple was overwhelmed with emotions after their son and daughter-in-law surprised them with their very own place to live. Instead of putting their parents in a nursing home, they built them an elegant suite in the basement. 

For children, looking after aging parents can be a difficult task, especially because they require extra care, attention, love, and support. Oftentimes, people turn to old-age homes when considering living alternatives for their elderly parents. 

However, some children often wonder if placing their elderly folks in senior homes is the right thing to do. While these centers provide excellent facilities to senior citizens, they might not always be able to look after them like a family member. 

When Schon’s parents began to age beyond 80, he became more and more anxious about them. His mom and dad, Bonnie and George Miller, suffered from health issues but deeply cared for one another. Schon also shared: 

“One can’t live alone without the other and we didn’t want either one to end up in a nursing home (sic).”

Bonnie and George, both 87, were experiencing the effects of their golden age. They had also become extremely weak with time and needed someone to take care of them. 

Moreover, Bonnie had had a massive fall, which resulted in a broken shoulder, and George’s memory had started to deteriorate with time. The two were inseparable nonetheless and loved each other very much. 

Resultantly, Bonnie was dependent on a wheelchair, while George could hardly remember anything. Schon, who lived in Bremen, Ohio, with his wife, Jeannie, decided to come up with a plan to support his parents. 

After considering different living options, he decided not to send his parents away because he knew nobody would be able to care for them the way a loved one could. 

Soon afterward, Schon and Jeannie began looking for houses that came with an in-law suite. Such kinds of suites are small living spaces that are usually included in a single-family home so that elderly folks can stay there without any disturbance. 

They were ready to move their house to one which came with an in-law suite. However, after going through different options, they finally reached a point where they thought they had seen enough but still hadn’t found what they wanted. 

It was now time to act quickly and create the perfect suite for their parents that they couldn’t find elsewhere. 

So after a little hard work that involved close consideration of what would and wouldn’t work for their aging parents, they gave their basement area a massive make-over. Schon further explained: 

“We decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of our fun stuff like pool table, instruments, and karaoke area and move them in so we can take care of them.”

Schon also revealed how he and Jeannie selected the size and dimensions of doors, as well as the colors and textures that their parents would like to have in their living space.

As was expected, when Schon’s parents first saw their very own refurbished suite, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Bonnie started crying and was glad to have such a thoughtful son and daughter-in-law. 

Indeed, being able to care for your aging parents and opting for ways to pay them back for all their love and sacrifices is such an incredible thing to do. 

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