Soldier Mother Surprises Daughter at School after Returning Home in Time for Christmas

The yuletide kicked off in the most satisfying way for a soldier who reunited with her young daughter after months of being away due to service. The duo’s heart-melting reunion was captured in a clip that has since gone viral. 

Christmas came in early for a little Sorrento Primary Schoolgirl in Ascension Parish when she reunited with her soldier mom following months of being apart. The pair had the most wholesome reaction after seeing each other again. 

The mom, Jyra Nga, pulled off the perfect surprise when she showed up unannounced in her daughter, Chioma’s elementary school. Many well-wishers wasted no time flipping out their phones to film the precious moment. 

Chioma reuniting with her soldier mom with a heartwarming hug | Photo:

The priceless clip, which was shared to Facebook via Sorrento Primary school’s official page, opened with Chioma walking down the school’s hallway with a few people, presumably teachers hanging outside classrooms. The clip was captioned

“Today one of our little Mudbugs received the surprise of a lifetime! Her mom has been away serving our country and received her leave just in time for the holidays.”

Chioma was heralded down the hall by a school staff member who spoke softly about getting a surprise. The pair walked to a tall Christmas tree at the end of the hallway as Chioma waited for the surprise.

Unknown to the bespectacled girl who donned a black sweatshirt over a pair of khaki trousers, her mom, who has been away due to service, peeped from behind the tree. 

At one point, the adult who ushered Chioma through the hall asked her if she loved the tree, and she nodded in affirmation.

The adult also urged her to look behind the tree where a “special woman” was waiting on the other side. The young girl walked to the side, and there her mom was smiling in her dark green-hued uniform.

A netizen’s comment on the viral Facebook post | Photo :

The onlookers could hear the exciting peal from Chioma, and she called out to her mom, who was grinning from ear to ear. The servicewoman soon had her arms stretched out to receive her little girl, who rushed into the warmth. 

Mother and daughter were locked in a sweet embrace that lasted a while as they stayed silent, soaking up the moment. Towards the end of the clip, Chioma and her mom ended their hug while sharing how much they missed each other.

A netizen’s comment on the viral Facebook post | Photo :

Chioma’s grandmother Dana Caddie was most grateful for the reunion as she made it known it was sort of gloomy at first when Nga called home to say she wouldn’t be joining them for Christmas. However, it all changed after she found out she could make it home in time for the big day. 

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