Sisters Who Did Not Know About Each Other for 4 Decades Find Out They Were Living 2 Blocks Apart

Two long-lost sisters who grew up in different states finally discovered they were living only two intersections from each other in the same town. The oldest sister learned about her younger half-sister in 2018. 

Fate conspires in mysterious ways, weaving stories that are beyond human comprehension. It forgest profound connections and brings people together, making them feel like they never separated. 

Something similar happened to two women who never knew they shared a familial bond until fate orchestrated their perfect reunion. Aly Mikos and Lainey Gafford-Topacio lived in two different states before ending up in the same city.

Aly Mikos and Lainey Gafford-Topacio. | Photo: Las Vegas

Mikos grew up as an only child with her birth mom, Sherry, in Florida, while Gafford-Topacio lived in south Texas after she was adopted at three days old. Gafford-Topacio was raised in a large, loving family with six older siblings. She told Fox 5 Las Vegas:

“I’ve always known I was adopted at three days old. When I turned 18, it kind of bothered me. When I turned 25 and then 40, and 50.”

Sherry got pregnant in 1965 and decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. She was hardly 18 at the time and didn’t even share the news with her mother. The soon-to-be mom moved to Louisiana and confided in her stepfather. 

A childhood picture showing Lainey [left] and Aly [right]. | Photo: Las Vegas

In 1966, Gafford-Topacio was born and was immediately put up for adoption. 13 years later, Sherry had another daughter, Mikos, who didn’t find out about her long-lost older sister sister until her mom died in 2005. 

Mikos even celebrated her 40th birthday with her older sister and revealed she was delighted to have a family member to spend the holidays with. 

It turned out that Mikos and Gafford-Topacio learned about their blood ties at different times. Nearly four decades later, the two siblings lived in Las Vegas with their husbands, but that wasn’t everything they had in common.

Aly Mikos and Lainey Gafford-Topacio. | Photo: Las Vegas

Gafford-Topacio always wondered about her biological family. Eventually, she opted for the Ancestry DNA kit but never matched anyone for two years. It all changed when in 2018, she discovered her younger-half sister. She also shared:

“I looked on social media everywhere and I couldn’t find her so I finally looked on LinkedIn and there she was. And as soon as I saw her teeth of all things, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ because we have the same teeth.”

Initially, Gafford-Topacio was unsure whether her baby sister, who grew up in Florida, would want to meet her. But after their email exchanges, the two sisters decided to meet on March 23, 2019. 

Aly Mikos and Lainey Gafford-Topacio. | Photo: Las Vegas


The two siblings used their hands while talking, and according to Mikos, Gafford-Topacio had their mother’s blue eyes. They also discovered that their houses were two intersections from each other in L.A. and their husbands worked for government organizations. 

Surprisingly, both the sisters worked for government entities and could have crossed paths at work. Shortly after their first face-to-face meeting, Mikos and Gafford-Topacio vowed to stay connected and make new memories together.

Mikos even celebrated her 40th birthday with her older sister and revealed she was delighted to have a family member to spend the holidays with. 

Gafford-Topacio expressed that fate had played a pivotal role in their reunion. She shared she was focused on building a healthy relationship with her baby sister. The elated older sister also exclaimed:

“I have a little sister! I was never able to say that growing up!”

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