Single Nurse Adopts Mistreated Boy after He Was Brought Back to Life in Her Hospital: ‘He’s My Hero’

Upon entering the hospital, just over 1-year old Alex died from the abuse he had suffered. The doctors revived him, but one woman managed to go beyond that, helping this boy not only survive but thrive.

Kristine Hafner has worked as a PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) nurse at Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas for years now and already had one daughter, namely London, by 2016. It is evident then that this maternal figure is fond of children. Hafner has said that she has always wanted to adopt, expressing

“As an adult, I have seen, through my friends, what a blessing adoption is, specifically through the foster system.”

What this medical professional didn’t know was that a baby boy was on his way and ready to be taken in by a loving family. This was especially so after all the intensive trauma he had faced at the hands of those who were meant to protect him. 

In 2016, an 11-month-boy named Alex was taken into the hospital after being abused by his relatives. The injuries led to his death, but miraculously, doctors were able to resuscitate him. 

Following this, Hafner, the single mother, and nurse chose to foster him and help the little boy regain his total health. Throughout the course of this, the nurse fell in love with Alex and ultimately decided to adopt him. 

The speed and extent of his recovery were unfounded. Chief Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles Jacqueline Bluth penned it as rare for a child to have such severe injuries and survive. His new mother commented

“He’s my hero. Truly. It just shows kids are resilient, and all he needed was some love and he just bounced back.” 

Speaking about her son, who had now grown in 2017, Hafner described him as s tinkerer, building his own unique toys. The nurse also said that he had a love for basketball. 

Pegging this little one as the first kid she has fostered, and with one look at her social media, it appears that this maternal medical professional has continued to foster other children. 

Hafner has a multitude of pictures with kids that she alludes to fostering and many beloved family photos. Ever the caregiver, it looks like this eternal mother will never give up on saving and looking after as many children as she can. 

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