Sick Mother Tries to Help Child Deal with Her Possible Death Following Doctor’s Visit

Her symptoms were rapidly deteriorating when the doctors diagnosed her with a deadly condition. The worried mother didn’t know how to help her 3-year-old son deal with her death.

A Mumsnet user named joycetheripper shared she had been feeling unwell for a long time. She experienced daily episodes of painful migraine that left her exhausted.

Her symptoms worsened over time until half of her face was numb, and she felt like someone was pricking her arms with needles. Her last visit to the doctor resulted in a shocking realization. 

While writing her post on Mumsnet, OP (Original Poster) felt exhausted because her illness left her with no energy. She explained what happened after her condition worsened:

“I had an MRI & they found englarged blood vessels & indications of AVM or anuerysm on the right side of my head so I just had a 2nd contrast MRI on Thurs to get more information.”

The doctors planned to remove the blockage from her blood vessels through an operation, but OP was scared she wouldn’t make it. The thought of death made her worry for her son.

Lately, she hadn’t left the house because of fatigue. One day, she decided to go to the pizza place near her house to spend time with her son. 

Although I must admit I wish I were dead most of the time now

While crossing the road, OP passed out and fell there while her 3-year-old baby screamed for help and kept crying until she woke up.

The recent episode scared OP and made her think about what would happen to her son if she died. His reaction made her realize he wasn’t ready to live without her. 

OP was very close to her son. She explained they spent a lot of time cuddling in bed, and he depended on her for everything. However, she wished she was dead already. She wrote:

“Although I must admit I wish I were dead most of the time now, because of the pain I’m in, I am desperate to hang on and protect him.”

Feeling helpless, OP asked other Mumsnet users for advice on how to help her son deal with her death if the doctors were unable to save her.




“I think there are a few books out there (Wilson’s Wish?) that talk about death and bereavement in a way that children can get”

They also emphasized that OP should explain to her kid how the doctors are trying their best to save her, but if they fail, she will “go up to the sky and become a star.”

The user also suggested focusing on her potential recovery instead of her passing. They believe thinking about the positive aspect would yield better results. 

Another Mumsnet user named gherkinwithapurplemerkin suggested OP make a memory box and put photos of her with her child. They also said OP could write letters to her son and keep them in the memory box.

They also emphasized that her son wouldn’t necessarily need the box since the doctors haven’t completely given up on her. Most users advised OP to stay positive and hope for the best.

Another user asked if OP’s son had someone else who could look after him in her absence, and she replied her son was close to his father, but her bond with her son is much stronger. FabIsGettingThere replied:

“What about making a photo scrapbook of days out you have had/do have in the future and then you can look at it together and build more memories.”

Since OP was looking for a person who could replace her and look after her son like she did, Fliight suggested she look for something that would bring back memories. They suggested getting her son a toy or a blanket instead of a person.

Most users felt bad for OP and tried giving her hope. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might also like this one about a man who discovered someone was living in his shed.

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