Shy Dog Kicked Out of Moving Vehicle Finds Forever Home after Attacking Annoying Stranger

A man rescued and offered temporary shelter to a timid dog kicked out of a speeding vehicle. He underestimated the dog’s temper until an annoying stranger broke into his yard.

Redditor BroffaloSoldier lived alone in a town that wasn’t clean of crime. One day, he was on a smoke break from work when he watched a dog thrown out of a moving vehicle during rush hour. He was shocked and ran to help the poor animal.

He picked the dog up and checked for injuries. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt. He decided to take the doggo home despite not knowing much about dog parenting.

The Original Poster (OP) had many cats at home. They were his only fur companions, so adding a dog to that equation was pretty doubtful. He explained:

“This was my first experience with a dog that I was solely responsible for…This guy was VERY shy… Just looking at me like I was about to beat him.”

The dog tried to adjust to his new home, though it wasn’t going to be forever. The OP thought the canine was timid and would remain that way.  

Though he had no idea about dog behavior, he knew that they needed to be taken out frequently. The OP took the dog out 15 times during the first night and later went to the porch for some refreshment. He added:

“I was having my final cigarette of the day on my porch around 2230H. The dog was on a lead, chilling under my chair as I smoked and poked about on Reddit.”

Just then, the OP saw a stranger on a sidewalk running past his house. The guy stared at him, paused for a while, and walked towards his house.

He approached the OP under the pretext of an address. He asked: “Hey, can you tell me where 302 Church street is?” The OP told him he would search for it on his phone. He explained:

“He explained he didn’t have a phone of his own and was attempting to get to a friend’s house, taking small steps toward me the whole time.”

The OP found the address and told the guy. He explained the landmark and even pointed toward the direction. But the guy’s creepy eyes were fixed on the OP as he continued to inch closer.

The OP heard the dog growl softly, and he sensed something was awry. The guy asked if he could look at the map, claiming he was terrible with directions.

The OP said he’d seen local news stories that warned against allowing strangers access to people’s phones.

He rose and explained the address to the guy in a stern voice, making it evident that he didn’t want to give his phone to him. The guy then asked him if he could call his friend and extended his hand.

The OP was annoyed and refused again. The stranger asked: “How about text them?” and pushed himself nearer. The Redditor was aware of phone snatchers.

He yelled at him to get out and threatened him saying his dog was protective. The OP had no idea about the dog’s capabilities and blindly said things to scare the guy away. He explained:

“Like I had said the magic words, pupper springs into action…Growling, snarling, barking…He jerks me near off the porch, trying to get at this guy. I was afraid.”

The dog locked his eyes on the stranger and scared him away. When the OP went in and peeked through the window, he saw the guy walk in the opposite direction and had a cell phone, much to his surprise.

The dog named Hank secured a permanent place in the OP’s heart and house from that day onward. After reading his post, several users applauded him for helping Hank find a loving home he deserved. User Rated-ARRR posted a comment that read:

“I love Hank, and you also!! Good job on taking a chance with him.”

Some people questioned the stranger’s intentions. For instance, Redditor ConIncognito claimed the guy wanted to snatch the OP’s phone and run.

The OP said he’d seen local news stories that warned against allowing strangers access to people’s phones. He claimed he was always cautious and never trusted strangers with his phone.

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