Shayne Jansen from ‘Love Is Blind’ Shares Body Transformation

Over the past year, Love Is Blinds Shayne Jansen has undergone *quite* a physical transformation. And, like many people who have put in months and months of hard work to achieve a difficult goal, he decided to share the accomplishment on Instagram. No shame there—owning and celebrating your successes, especially the ones that you’ve fought the hardest for, is great. There was something about the celebratory transformation post, however, that some of Shayne’s IG followers found not so great.

“It’s amazing when you prioritize yourself and you look as good as you feel,” Shayne wrote in the caption of the post, which included before and after shirtless pics that showed off just how extensive the physical transformation was (mostly by way of ab definition—and lots of it).

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Again, no shame in owning your success, knowing when to prioritize your needs, and feeling yourself and the reflection you see in the mirror. All of those are great things, agreed? Because, for the record, the overwhelming majority of commenters did.

Some sample comments of the “WOW THIS IS GREAT” variety:

“Looking great 🔥🔥self prioritization is key and it looks like it paid off 🙌❤️.”

“Amazing! Inspiration! Congrats👏🔥.”

“Thirst Trap Thursday in full effect.”

And well, just about every combination of applause hands and fire emojis you can imagine.

The mixed feelings about the post weren’t in reaction to Shayne’s transformation but to the second sentence of the post’s caption: “I’ve come a long way in a year and I can finally say I truly love myself.” Many fans were quick to point out that while he looks amazing at the end of his year of fitness-focused transformation, he also looked great at the beginning of it with comments like:

“Handsome both ways!!!”

“You [should] have loved yourself before as well!”

“Very proud of you! But that dad bod still looks good 😍.”

Others took it a step further and encouraged Shayne not to tie his self-love to his physical appearance:

“This is inspiring! Feeling comfortable in your own skin is what’s most important, no matter what shape or size. Good for you for prioritizing yourself to feel better! 🙌”

“(1) Killer abs (2) Self-love doesn’t have anything to do with abs.”

“Loving yourself is loving yourself without the abs too. You can love your new body bc damn he worked hard for that! But true self love comes from loving your [short] comings too.”

“Dude don’t set that as the standard of loving yourself; when you get in your 50s/60s and get that Dadbod, you will no longer love yourself then. Life will get in the way.”

So, basically, if you have amazing abs, love those abs and celebrate those abs and be proud of those abs. But if you don’t have visibly countable abs, still love yourself and your body.

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