Sharon Stone Experienced Symptoms Years before the Stroke That Almost Took Her Life

Actress Sharon Stone stole the hearts of many after appearing in the film “Basic Instinct.” She also made headlines because of her near-death experience, which left her scarred and fearful. Take a glimpse of her battle with stroke.

Renowned actress Sharon Stone is famous for her impeccable performances in several movies, including two installments of “Basic Instinct,” which premiered in 1992 and 2006. 

Stone is also a proud mother to son Roan Bronstein with her ex-husband and journalist Phil Bronstein. She is also a doting mom to her two adoptive sons Quinne Kelly and Laird Vonne Stone.

Stone also doted on her 11-month-old nephew River, who recently died after suffering a total organ failure. She shared on Instagram a video montage about the boy’s memories. The actress, who mourned of his death, wrote in the caption:

“River William Stone Sept. 8, 2020 – Aug. 30, 2021.”

River was the son of Stone’s brother, Patrick. Stone previously called for prayers and a “miracle” after sharing a photo of her nephew’s face attached with tubes on the nose and mouth.


River’s situation at the hospital before his death seems to be reminiscent of Stone’s previous brush with death. The 63-year-old actress suffered and survived a stroke two decades ago.

Stone still remembers her life-threatening stroke. In a 2021 interview with The New Yorker, she revealed she experienced seizures while filming “Basic Instinct” in 1992. 

Many of her colleagues believe the actress’s seizures were effects of the drugs she took. Stone recalled her eyes would repeatedly flutter as her head would tilt sideways.

The erratic behavior that Stone displayed was among the early indications of a stroke. She previously made her colleagues aware of her symptoms, but no one believed her.

In September 2001, Stone was hospitalized at the University of California. While at the hospital, the “Casino” actress called her mother as she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, which lasted for nine days.

When the room Stone stayed in was suddenly silent, and that no one was running around to help her with her life-and-death situation, she believed she was on the verge of death. 


According to her memoir, “The Beauty of Living Twice,” Doctors discovered a torn right vertebral artery connecting to her head, back, and spine. Stone said they gave her a one percent chance of survival.

Stone took seven years to recover from her near-death experience.

She also revealed about seeing the light, the feeling of falling, and seeing people who passed away. Although she was not the only one who saw it, she described it as a “profound” experience.

In October 2001, the doctors finally released Stone from the hospital after a team of surgeons treated her for more than a week following the internal bleeding on her brain.

Doctor Michael Lawton, chief of cerebrovascular surgery at the University of California who operated Stone at that time, said the veteran actress was “completely intact neurologically.”

Lawton added she had no medical restrictions on her personal or professional activities. The physician also expected that she would have a complete recovery after admission.

Stone took seven years to recover from her near-death experience. In a 2019 Variety interview, she recalled that she lost everything during her recuperation period. She said:

“I lost everything I had. I lost my place in the business.”

Stone said she had to remortgaged her house after losing the things she worked hard for. She noted that she was once the hottest movie star whose popularity was similar to the late Princess Diana of Wales. 

The “Total Recall” actress said several people were “brutally unkind” to her, including the women she shared in her own business and to the female judge who handled her custody case.

Stone admitted she was not able to function as herself properly. Even though she did not feel love from some people, she is grateful for her few close friends who stood by her. 

Actresses Andie MacDowell, Kelly Lynch, Rumer Willis, reality star Garcelle Beauvais, and film producer Paula Wagner supported Stone. Wagner described Stone as an inspiring woman.


Since her recovery, Stone proved that she is still among the brightest women in the industry. She flaunted her radiance during the recent screening of the film “King Richard” in Los Angeles.

She showed off her stylish ensemble, wearing an animal print blazer and matching trousers as she beamed for snaps at the event. She completed her look with black heels and a diamond necklace. 

Currently, Stone lives her “second life” and keeps herself busy with various modeling projects and painting. In between work, she also spends time relishing moments with her sons, Roan, Laird, and Quinn.

She is also an advocate for brain-aging diseases that disproportionally affect women. Stone has encouraged people to go to the hospital if they experience severe headaches.

As a stroke survivor, she hopes to save lives by sharing her life-saving advice. Stone recently returned to acting, appearing previously in the 2020 Netflix series “Ratched” with actress Sarah Paulson.

With her Hollywood comeback, Stone seems to have put her search for a suitable partner on hold. The “Silver” actress said she is completely done with dating.

The acclaimed actress, who has a lot of good male friends, pointed out that some men and women seem to be not on the same level regarding emotional maturity in relationships.

Stone said dating is not worth her time, and she is happy to be single. She added that she finds more fulfillment by spending time by herself and with her children.

Instead of dating, Stone said she will raise her sons to become emotionally mature men. She also wanted her boys to keep in mind that being powerful and influential in society is not always correct.

She reminded her sons that being in control would not benefit them. Stone noted that they could be successful if they balance happy and healthy relationships in the future. 

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