‘See You in a Couple Years:’ Couple’s Lawyer Predicts They’ll Adopt 3rd Child after Planning for Two

A couple, who were already parents to four children, two of whom they had adopted from foster care, thought their family was complete. But after fostering a kid in 2020, they felt a strong urge to adopt again, and they did. 

Having a home echoing with children’s chuckles and shouts is a precious feeling and one that no parent would trade away for anything in the world. Rachel and Terrell Brown shared the same thoughts and dreamed of having a beautiful family. 

Brown married her husband in 2016. They were foster parents and often took in children through their local foster agency. Out of her desire to hopefully adopt a kid someday, Rachel had become a foster mom in her early twenties. 

[Left] Rachel and Terrell Brown pictured with their kids. [Right] An adorable picture of baby Ava. | Photo: instagram.com/simply_family__

After getting married, the couple decided to adopt two kids from foster care. In 2019, they welcomed their daughter Hallie, and their son, Jayden into their hearts and home. Recalling what their lawyer told them at the time of adoption, Brown shared:

“I remember at their adoption the lawyer told us, ‘See you in a couple years when you guys adopt another!’ We both said, ‘No!! This is it!'” 

Rachel also had two children from her previous marriage and having two sons and two daughters felt right. She and Terrell thought their family of five was complete until they discovered something was missing. 


In 2020, right before the pandemic, the couple decided to foster a child. Soon, a baby boy was placed with them, and the couple took care of him for nearly eight months. When the baby finally left to be with his family, Rachel realized what had happened. 

Surprisingly enough, Baby Ava was adopted through the same lawyer who told the couple he would see them again in the future.

She had become so attached to the child that she didn’t want to let go. After he left, their home began empty again. It was then that she felt the yearning to be a mother again. One month passed, and the lovely couple received a huge surprise. 

They got a call from Hallie’s biological grandmother, telling them her daughter had just had a baby girl. The grandma also asked the couple if they would like to take the child. Without second thoughts, Rachel and Terrell instantly agreed. 

While they weren’t sure how things would work out, Rachel and Terrell wanted Hallie to be with her sister. After talking to the baby girl’s foster mother, they discovered that she was born three months early and weighed only four pounds at birth.

The little angel also had eating issues and suffered from a few other health complications. She could likely suffer from vision and hearing impairment. However, the Browns decided to welcome her into their lives and vowed to take care of her. 

When the caseworker finally brought her to them, they were over the moon. Hallie was delighted to have a brand new baby sister and quickly took on the role of an older sister. She watched over her baby sister and refused to leave her side.

With time, the two sisters became inseparable. They developed a special bond that was unlike anything else. However, the baby girl had still not become an official member of the Brown family. Her adoption process needed to be finalized. 

On December 30, 2020, the baby girl was cleared for adoption, and the paperwork process began. Finally, after 286 days, the Browns adopted Averleigh Rae Brown on June 11, 2021.

Rachel and Terrell took care of Baby Ava and consulted several doctors regarding her health issues. Despite being born with a tongue-tie, sucking problem, and bad reflux issues, she was able to recover and didn’t show signs of any long-term health effects.

Surprisingly enough, Baby Ava was adopted through the same lawyer who told the couple he would see them again in the future. After welcoming her into their lives, they discovered that she was the missing piece in their family puzzle. 

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