Schoolgirl’s Veterans Day Speech Is Interrupted by Father’s Arrival after 9 Months Away from Home

When an elementary student’s father surprised her in school after spending nine months on military duty, the young girl could not help but cry tears of joy. 

Unexpected visits are always the best for young kids as they bask in the element of surprise. This is true especially for those who have not seen someone for a long time, such as children with military parents.

So when Cailani Martinez’s father showed up in her school, the young girl was left speechless and in tears.

Cailani’s father, a military man for nearly a decade, was deployed to Syria nine months ago. Having lousy cell reception in the country, he was not able to consistently speak to his family. He shared

“The internet wasn’t the best over there […]. There [were] days when I didn’t talk to my kids, almost weeks.”

It was definitely challenging to be away from his family for a long time, but her father, Cedric Goins, knew his job meant having to sacrifice.

Finally, the day came when he was allowed to return home, and the first thing he did was meet his daughter in school.

Military members surprising their family is quite common. Previously, a Michigan soldier surprised his little brother in school after being apart for a year.

However, Cailani did not know of her father’s arrival. During a Veterans Day rehearsal in school, Cailani took the stage with a few classmates without knowing she was about to receive the surprise of her life.

After delivering their speeches, the school principal said that the best person to judge the performance was someone who had in-depth experience. Right then and there, Cailani’s father entered the room.

The young girl looked shocked upon seeing Goins and immediately ran towards him for a minutes-long hug.

Tears rolled down her face as she wrapped her arms around her father. Finally, after nearly a year, Cailani was reunited with her dad.

“I love him so much, and he’s like the other half of me, and it’s been a long time,” Cailani said. “I just love him.”

Military members surprising their family is quite common, and they have the same reaction almost all the time. Previously, a Michigan soldier surprised his little brother in school after being apart for a year.

When Army Private Second Class Brett Beaver followed his family’s footsteps into the military, he knew he wouldn’t see his little brother Max for some time. So as soon as he was allowed, Beaver surprised Max in school.

“It’s kind of hard being away from home because we really love each other,” Beaver shared. “The first person I would take a bullet for would be him.”

Serving the country is undoubtedly one of the most honorable jobs, but it also requires selflessness and sacrifice. This is why only the bravest of the brave can stand being in the military.

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