Scared Teen Mom Puts Daughter up for Adoption, 16 Years Later the Girl Calls Her Mama

Sixteen years after giving up her daughter for adoption, a mom of three remains a part of her daughter’s life, so much that she addresses her as “mama.”

Marlys Monet was only fifteen when she discovered she was pregnant. For the first few months of her pregnancy, she lived in denial, hoping her condition would simply disappear by willing it away.

She spent those months leading a normal life, enjoying her favorite sports activities, and keeping the truth from her parents and the rest of the world.

She managed to keep her baby bump under wraps for seven months before her day of reckoning dawned on her. She returned home one afternoon to find her parents waiting for her, armed with her pregnancy test result.

Unable to face them afterward, she shut herself in her room, crying her eyes out, especially after recalling the disappointment evident in her parent’s eyes.

When she finally opened up to them, they showered her with love and support, promising to care for her and the baby throughout the pregnancy.

Monet’s mom soon came up with the idea of putting the baby up for adoption. With the aid of an adoption counselor, she found the perfect family and got to meet them. 

Together, the teenage mom and her baby’s dad decided adoption was best for the baby, as doing otherwise would be selfish of them. On January 10, 2004, their baby finally arrived, and the family named her Kya Monet, a name her adoptive parents would soon change.

Monet only managed to spend three days with her baby girl before her new parents came by the hospital to claim her, leaving the teen mom in tears. Thus, the open adoption was finalized.

Thankfully, Monet was able to forge a good relationship with her daughter’s new parents, who were glad to share updates about her growing phases.

She also got to pay them visits several times a year, becoming a constant presence in her daughter’s life. But it was not all roses for the teenage mom. She recalled:

“There were moments that broke my heart as her birth mama. Hearing her call her adoptive mom ‘mom’ for the very first time. When she fell, her adoptive mom was her comfort[…].”

As they grew older, things eventually fell in place. Monet got married and had three more amazing kids, who were all acquainted with their big sister and loved her dearly.

She also nurtured her relationship with her birth daughter, and the frequency of their meetings improved greatly. More importantly, the now sixteen-year-old knew Monet was her birth mom and acknowledged her accordingly.

The 33-year old explained, “Recently though, it has been beautifully hard. My birth daughter is now 16 and in her junior year of high school. My baby girl and I are blessed to see one another weekly. She calls me mama and reaches out when she needs advice or just a listening ear.”

Their relationship has evolved so much they easily pass as best buddies. Monet admits her first daughter considers her home a safe place and has featured her on some of her social media posts.

Several photos of the teenager have also appeared on Monet’s Instagram, where she shares their story and celebrates important milestones.

Asked if she ever regrets her decision to give her up for adoption, Monet maintained she doesn’t. To her, the decision, as heartbreaking as it was, helped shape both her life and her daughter’s into what they were today. What more could a mother ask for!

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