Santa Sits on the Floor So Blind Boy Can ‘See’ Him through His Hands

A visually impaired boy received a priceless Christmas present after snagging the rare opportunity of seeing Santa Claus during a surprise visit.

Matthew Foster, a six-year-old boy from Texas, loved everything about Christmas. But his favorite thing about the holiday season remained the jolly bearded fellow who went around distributing presents on Christmas eve.

During the 2018 holidays, Santa Claus had the best gift for the youngster, who was born blind and diagnosed with Autism a year prior.

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Having never seen the mystery man in red, Foster was elated when a willing Santa gave him the priceless opportunity. Foster’s mom Misty Wolf shared her son’s delight and the heartwarming encounter on social media.

Wolf explained how she had tried for years to get her son to meet his Christmas idol. However, due to the unending queue, the boy always ended up growing impatient, prompting them to leave in disappointment.

2018’s Santa visit was no different. As usual, the boy passed off his opportunity to interact with Santa. However, the mom wanted her son to have his dream come true finally.

Hence, she pulled some strings, weaving through the crowd and making her way to the man in red in full determination. Once with him, she explained her son’s predicament. She recounted:

“Best Santa ever! I whispered to Santa, ‘He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa.’ He said, ‘Say no more,’ and immediately got down on the floor to greet my little man.”

The excited tot did more than interact with Santa. Wolf recalled how they spoke for a long time, with the jolly fellow letting her son feel all over him, even pulling his fluffy white beards.

Of course, the youngster had a special wish of his own. On Santa’s prompt, Foster admitted what he yearned for the most was to feel “your eyes that twinkle,” an excerpt from the Christmas number, “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

The kind fellow obliged, letting the visually impaired child feel around his eyes for as long as he wanted, after which Santa gave him a more exciting treat. Wolf recalled:

“Santa then carried him over to the display area. And had Matthew pet the taxidermy reindeer they had set up. My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested.”

The meeting undoubtedly had a lasting impact on the boy’s life, as, for the first time, he willingly agreed to pose for a picture, something he always despised.

The mom of three was glad to cement the heartwarming visit with the memorable shot of Foster and his twenty-month-old sister, both seated on Santa’s laps. Wolf’s recollection of the remarkable encounter left many netizens emotional, with most regarding it as a “Christmas miracle.” One wrote:

“God is good. And he sent the perfect Santa to do his work. So much kindness out there! Continue to share this goodness.”

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Another agreed, adding that the “Santa” was certainly a blessing to the young lad and his family. One comment read, “Merry Christmas Matthew! The same magic that Santa gave to you is the magic that you give to your family. Happy Holidays!”

Others admitted the story drove them to tears while commending the man behind the Santa costume and enjoining other Santas to be like him.

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