Roseanne Barr Gave Her Baby up for Adoption after 8 Days Being Sure They Would Reunite Someday

At 18, Roseanne Barr gave her firstborn up for adoption. However, tabloids forced her to contact her daughter seventeen years later, which led to a surprising twist.

Roseanne Barr has maintained relevance in the entertainment industry for many years. Her ability to take on any role or assignment given with perfection and confidence has made her a role model to various upcoming acts.

However, like several other celebrities, she has experienced her fair share of drama. For Barr, her tragic and memorable experiences span three failed marriages, getting pregnant young, and giving up the child for adoption. Here’s the whole story about the actress and her long-lost daughter.

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Barr was only 18 years old when she realized she was pregnant, and she planned on keeping the child. At the time, the comedian was not married, and therefore, nobody to help cater for her and her unborn child. 

So, she got on welfare and rented a bug-infested room for $50, where drunks lined the outside of the building. The Hollywood icon’s family had been unsupportive, forcing her to relocate to Denver. 

In Denver, Barr stayed at the Salvation Army home for single mothers. Nine days after her relocation, the “Home on the Range” star welcomed her daughter on May 16, 1971.

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After giving birth to her baby, Barr gave her up for adoption to a Jewish Family and Children’s service. The lucky family that adopted the actress’s daughter had waited seven years for a Jewish baby. 

Although giving up her daughter was one of the most challenging decisions, Barr knew she would see her again. During a 1989 interview with People, the writer told the outlet that when the Jewish family came to take her baby, she whispered in her ears

“You remember this, I’ll see you when you are 18.”

Three years after her daughter was adopted, Barr tied the knot with her first husband, Bill Pentland. The former couple welcomed three children during their marriage: Jessica, Jake, and Jennifer. The happy family lived a private life until 1988.

The series “Roseanne” debuted on ABC and landed Barr and her family in the spotlight. The movie star’s increasing fame began to stir up issues in her marriage, and when she and Bill failed to resolve their marital problems, they decided to call it quits.

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Not only did Barr’s marriage fall apart, her daughter, Jessica, also started out drinking. The comedian’s demanding work schedule made her constantly unavailable, and it severed her relationship with Jessica, who was 14. 

While speaking to People, Barr said her daughter was sneaking out at night with her car, and she was oblivious. She blamed herself for Jessica’s waywardness and sought to help her daughter. So, she enrolled the teenager to receive treatment at Westwood treatment center. 

In April, Barr announced the birth of her son’s daughter on Instagram with a family picture.

Around the same time, Barr got caught off-guard when a tabloid called her and said they had found the daughter she gave up for adoption. Upon hearing the news, the actress revealed to People that she was shocked. Barr further added:

“I had left information, allowing her to find me when she turned 21. I had even told my kids about the adoption a year earlier because I knew she was 17 and might try to find me.”

Because the tabloid knew where to find Barr’s daughter, Brandi Brown, she hired a private investigator to track her daughter down. 

The actress wanted to talk to Brandi before discovering her mother from the media. Two days later, the producer called Brandi, who Gail and Stanley Brown in Denver adopted. 

The mother and daughter duo talked and planned their epic reunion over the phone. Overall, Barr was grateful to have found her daughter.

The following month, the pair reunited at the Westwood Marquis Hotel, and according to Barr, their reunion was teary yet happy. 

Barr told People that they held onto each other, looking into each other’s eyes and crying, as the mother told her daughter how much she had missed her. The proud mom could not help but notice that Brandi shared a striking resemblance with her half-siblings.

Currently, Brandi is doing well and is following in her mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry. She has been part of a few productions such as “The Jackie Thomas Show,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Roseanne,” “Dark Faith,” and “3rd Rock From the Sun.”

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Apart from Brandi, Barr’s four children are also successful in their respective fields. Like her half-sister, Jessica is pursuing a career in Hollywood. She has worked as a writer, researcher, and producer. 

According to IMDB, the 46-year-old helped write one episode of “Childhood Thoughts” (2017) and “Roseanne.” She has also produced TV shows such as “Black Girls Heart Charlie” and “The Real Roseanne Show.”

Roseanne Barr with her children Brandi Ann Brown, Jake Pentland, Jennifer Pentland, and Jessica Pentland and partner, Ben Thomas, at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards September 08, 1994. | Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer was born in 1976. She is a producer and writer and has credits on “Childhood Thoughts” and “Roseanne.” In 1998, she worked as a researcher on her mother’s talk show, “The Roseanne Show.”

Away from the professional field, Jennifer is a family woman. Her Instagram bio reveals that she is happily married and is a doting mother to multiple children.

Barr and Pentland welcomed their third child, Jake, in 1978. Currently, he works as a writer, producer, editor, and director. Jake has helped his mother out on productions such as “Rockin’ with Roseanne,” “Roseanne’s Nuts,” and many more.

Apart from his work life, Jake is also a father. In April, Barr announced the birth of her son’s daughter on Instagram with a family picture.

Roseanne Barr and children Jake Pentland and Brandi Brown attend the world premiere of documentary at SVA Theatre on April 18, 2015. | Photo: Getty Images

Barr welcomed her last child Buck Thomas with her third husband, Ben Thomas, in 1995. Being the youngest child, Buck prefers to live away from the spotlight.

However, his proud mom constantly shows him off on her Instagram page, celebrating his milestones with him. Although Barr is not married, she is happy and shares a great relationship with her five children and seven grandchildren.

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