Rich Relatives Try to Take Poor Widower’s Kids, Branding Him a Disgrace to the Family

After his mother died, the man saw his wealthy relatives humiliate his father. They also tried to take him and his brother away from him but failed miserably. A decade later, he found the opportunity to take revenge on his maternal family. 

The man wrote a detailed Reddit post sharing his childhood experiences and how he lost his mother. He revealed he had a younger brother who went through the same trauma. 

The man’s maternal relatives used their wealth and power to harm his family. However, things took a different turn when life allowed him to take revenge on them. 

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Before revealing his story, the Reddit user explained how his parents came from two entirely different families. His father was a hardworking man who had worked all his life to earn the luxuries of life. In contrast, his mother belonged to one of the wealthiest families in his city. 

His mother’s side of the family had strong connections with the mayor, lawyers, and people in business. They were respected by everyone in the city. 

When OP’s (Orginal Poster’s) mother fell in love with his father, his mother’s side of the family wasn’t happy. They disliked OP’s father because he wasn’t as rich and considered him a “disgrace” to the family. 

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OP and his younger brother spent a great childhood until their mother was diagnosed with cancer. They saw their father taking care of her alone in the absence of their maternal aunt and grandmother. 

Everyone in the family turned their backs on them.

Their mother suffered for three years before her death. OP remembered crying like a baby with his brother when their mother died. The boys felt their world had turned upside down.

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OP also remembered his father was devastated after losing his soulmate. A few hours after her death, OP’s father received a call and instantly met with OP’s aunt. He explained what happened next:

“My aunt, with a lawyer on her side, started attacking my dad, telling him that now that his wife was dead, he was incapable of having custody of the kids (me and my brother) and that they should take care of us. “

When his father refused, the family harassed him even more. They did this for years until one day, they gave up and accused OP’s father of assaulting OP’s aunt. Everyone in the family turned their backs on them.

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They even tried to snatch OP and his brother’s inheritance money and got away with some of it because of a law in their country. OP’s father felt devastated, knowing he couldn’t do much about it. 

OP and his brother often found their father banging his head on the table and crying with papers piled in front of him. They felt terrible for him but couldn’t do anything at the time. 

The boy believed the only thing that kept his father going was him and his brother. He confessed that his father provided them with everything despite living a torturous life. 

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OP’s maternal family quit abusing his father after a decade. At this point, they were living a peaceful life and had no contact with their aunt and grandmother until they received a wedding invite. OP explained:

“You see this summer my cousin got married. They invited us to the wedding. When I say us I mean my brother and I. So we accepted and started crafting the plan.”

The Redditor and his brother came up with a plan to expose their grandmother and aunt. They attended the wedding and then waited for the afterparty to execute their plan. 

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The afterparty began, and the city’s most influential and respected people gathered. OP saw his grandmother standing with a group of people, including the mayor.

His grandmother introduced them to her guests when OP politely approached them with his brother. However, after a few minutes, she talked badly about his father. He explained:

“They started talking about my dad, how horrible he was, how he exploited my mom and how lucky we are that [sic] came out bright unlike him.”

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OP was furious after hearing the lies about his father and immediately grabbed everyone’s attention by narrating the truth. He told everyone what happened in the past ten years and how his grandmother’s family had tortured his father. 

No one said a word after OP finished speaking. His aunt was fuming with anger while his grandmother was about to cry. Everyone looked at them furiously while OP broke the silence saying, “At least we came out fine. Our studies are going excellent, all thanks to our dad.”

The brothers returned home and told the story to their father, who was over the moon after hearing it. They later discovered that all the guests turned their backs on OP’s maternal family. The mayor and people in the business cut contact with them. 

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OP also revealed that his grandmother and aunt had to shut down their business because no one was willing to fund it. They also tried to reconcile with OP and his family, but they refused.

A user named YABOYCHIPCHOCOLATE asked OP which country he lived in because he wanted to know more about the law. Since other users also asked the same question, OP updated his post, saying no law allowed people to steal others’ inheritance. 

He revealed that his mother didn’t sign a document that made her side of the family take their inheritance, saying it was his mother’s fault. However, he added that they managed to get the money back by filing a case against them.

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Another user named enderfire505 shared that they went through something similar when their mother died, and their grandparents sued their father for custody. However, they somehow managed to dodge their maternal relatives.

Most users praised OP and felt sorry for what happened in the past. They also felt terrible for OP’s father since he went through a lot of torture. 

They lived happily after refusing to reconcile with their aunt and grandmother | Source: Unsplash

Would you file a case against your wife’s family if you were OP’s father?

When OP’s father was tortured, he decided to stay silent. He could have filed a police case against the family, however, some people might agree he did the right thing not to because the other party was so influential that maybe even the police wouldn’t go against them.

Do you think OP’s revenge was justified?

OP and his brother planned the revenge without letting their father know. Some people might think they went too far since it led to the collapse of their grandmother’s business.  However, other people may feel it was justified considering what happened in the past.

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