Rich Old Man Left Nearly $4.2M Estate – His Last Wish States Not All His Children May Inherit It

A rich man left a vast estate for his children but asked them to do something strange to get their share. His unusual condition came as a shock to the family members and sparked a feud amongst them.

The man’s 21-year-old granddaughter wrote a Reddit post to explain what happened after his death. She revealed her family secrets and shared the details of her grandparents’ life after marriage.

Her grandfather’s will stated an unusual condition which depicted that his children might not get an equal share in his inheritance. The will didn’t sit well with many family members.

OP (Original Poster) shared that her grandparents ended their marriage mysteriously and never told anyone what happened between them. She explained:

“He divorced my grandmother when my dad was 13 and barely spoke to him or his siblings for a few years after that.”

Her aunts and uncles never made an effort to find out why their parents parted ways. It was OP’s father who tried reconnecting with his father after he turned 18.

The man’s relationship with his children improved, but he didn’t disclose the reason for his divorce. The family discovered it after he passed away.

It turned out that OP’s grandmother had an affair with someone else and got pregnant. Her husband didn’t know about it until he discovered a letter years later. OP explained:

“My grandfather didn’t know for the longest time until he caught my grandmother in another affair and found an old letter her first lover sent that she kept.”

OP’s grandfather was furious and immediately filed for divorce. He made sure to keep his wife away from all of his assets through any means.

Her aunt also accused OP of not being her late father’s biological child.

Since he wasn’t sure which of his children belonged to him, he wrote a will that said his children would have to take a DNA test before they could claim their share in his estate. 

His will also stated that the children who weren’t his biologically would get only $5,000 from his estate. Moreover, if anyone refused to take the test, they would get the same amount as those who weren’t his, even if they were his biological children.

OP revealed that all of her aunts and uncles tried to find loopholes in the will so they could get their hands on the money. They weren’t satisfied with how their father distributed his estate among his children.

She confessed that she didn’t like it when her aunts and uncles refused to accept the will. She tried talking to them, but they silenced her.

Her aunt also accused OP of not being her late father’s biological child, which made her angry. She immediately got a DNA test done in hopes of proving her aunt wrong.

The results stated that she was her grandfather’s biological child, which meant she would get the largest chunk from her grandfather’s estate. 

Her aunts, uncles, and cousins were furious when they discovered how much money she would get. On the other hand, OP felt guilty for causing unrest in the family, so she posted her story on Reddit to ask for advice. 

A user named yay_darkness told OP she was not at fault, but her aunt did the wrong thing. The user believed OP’s family members already knew they wouldn’t get a part of the estate. Another user named Cyclonic2500 replied:

“It almost always happens when someone dies and money is involved. Family members show up and go at each other’s throats just to get a big slice of the pie.”

She also shared a similar incident when her paternal grandmother passed away. Her father and his siblings discovered that the sole beneficiary of her life insurance was the Redditor’s father. 

The Redditor believed her father got most of the money because he was the most loving kid who never asked his mother for anything. On the other hand, his siblings never took care of their mother.

the_onlyfox believed estate problems could be solved by discussing the money distribution before the person dies. She and her siblings sat with their parents to discuss how their parents’ estate would be split after their death.

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