Rich Old Man Left a More than $10M Estate – His Son and Adopted Grandkids Inherited Nothing

At the will-hearing session, the entire family came together expecting to inherit money from the deceased man. Surprisingly, only one family member inherited the whole $10M estate – his grandson.

The deceased man’s grandson revealed the story on Reddit and shared how everyone in the family was shocked. He shared why his grandfather took such a strange step.

After hearing his grandfather’s will, his father felt betrayed because he expected to inherit a significant amount. The Redditor disclosed his family secrets and shared why his grandfather was not on good terms with his father. 

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OP (Original Poster) revealed that his father had adopted two children against his grandfather’s wishes. His grandfather opposed his father’s decision based on his financial condition. OP explained:

“This was because my father did not have enough money to send me to college but was still going on to adopt children.”

After OP’s parents adopted the children, he felt they had stopped spending time with him. They made him sleep on the couch for a year so the adopted children could live comfortably. 

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Since OP’s parents neglected him, he had started to resent them. He developed a close relationship with his grandfather since they both didn’t like the adopted children.

OP confessed he was shocked to see them there. 

OP spent most of his days with his grandfather. They bonded over activities like fishing and cycling and went on vacations together. 

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When it was time for OP to attend college, his father couldn’t bear the expenses. At that point, his grandfather intervened and decided to pay for his college fees. 

OP felt eternally grateful to his grandfather for being so generous. He also revealed that his grandfather paid the downpayment of his first house. 

The Redditor remembered staying with his grandfather after his grandmother’s death. He revealed that his parents never even called his grandfather to find out how he was doing, while he took days off from his workplace to spend time with his grandfather during his last days. 

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After OP’s grandfather passed away, his parents and adopted siblings showed up at the will-hearing. OP confessed he was shocked to see them there. 

After discovering who would receive the late man’s entire estate, everyone was surprised. OP was the sole inheritor of his grandfather’s estate, and he confessed not feeling surprised about it. 

OP revealed that his mother took him aside and asked him to split the inheritance into three, saying he didn’t need the money, while his parents and siblings would be able to pay off their debts with the inheritance money.

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His siblings joined in and asked him to share the money with them, saying they deserved it. But OP’s uncle interfered, saying OP was the sole inheritor. OP explained:

“This pissed my father off and he tried to fight my uncle”

OP told his father and siblings that he wouldn’t share the money. He also told his siblings that they would have gotten the money if they had worked hard for it. 

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The Redditor shared that his maternal grandmother had also declared him the sole inheritor of her estate, which didn’t sit well with his mother. He explained:

“My mother has been calling me recently but I told her if she called me again I would get a restraining order.”

His siblings called him selfish for refusing to share the inheritance money with his mother. On the other hand, OP felt bad because his parents simply adopted children who needed a home and they were being punished for it. 

OP felt bad thinking about his parents | Source: Pexels

After reading OP’s post, other users shared their thoughts in the comments section. zaldrizesdracarys said OP was not at fault and advised him to get a lawyer, explaining:

“Your father can maybe contest the will as he is his child”

OP read the comment and replied that his grandfather gave his father a dollar to acknowledge that he was considered. However, OP said he would talk to his lawyer again. 

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The_final_frontier_ believed that the adopted children were not an issue. The main problem was that OP’s parents couldn’t afford to raise more children and sacrificed OP’s lifestyle. 

The user also added that OP had the right to choose who he wanted to share the money with. However, he suggested OP talk to a lawyer to ensure no one takes his money away from him.

Most users supported OP and agreed that his parents didn’t treat him the right way when he was young. They also advised him to use his wealth wisely. 

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Do you think OP reacted selfishly?

OP decided not to share the $10M with his siblings and parents because of past events. However, some people might think he reacted selfishly and could have spared some money, thinking he didn’t need all that money. 

Do you think OP’s father’s reaction was justified?

OP’s father felt cheated after knowing his son was receiving all of his father’s estate. Some people might agree that he could have reacted in a better way. Had he asked his son for the money politely, OP might have given some of the money to the family. 

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