Rich Old Man Excludes His Children from Will and Leaves His Inheritance to Triplets from Orphanage — Story of the Day

A rich man changes his will, disinherits his children, and leaves everything to a mysterious set of triplets — then his wife discovers who they are.

Graham Carlyle changed his will, and no one was supposed to know — at least until he died. But as it happened, his lawyer’s son was dating his daughter and the cat was out of the bag. 

“What do you mean, we get nothing in the will?” gasped Caroline Carlyle, “Who is he leaving it all to?” So the lawyer’s son told Caroline who told her brother Ralph, and they decided to figure out who these heirs were, and went to the orphanage mentioned in the will.

Graham Carlyle’s children were shocked to discover who the beneficiaries of his will were | Source: Shutterstock

The new heirs were Kyran, Kevin. and Kyle Manovich and to their astonishment, the three orphans were just four years old. One look at the three Manovich boys, who were identical exploded the mystery.

“They’re dad’s kids!” said Caroline thoughtfully to her brother, “He cheated on Marcy!” The two were in the limousine on their way back to the office, and Ralph sipped at a Pelligrino from the bar.

“Yes…Imagine Marcy’s reaction!” said Ralph. “The nuns said the boys were four, and that their mother died last year! The affair may have been ongoing…”

Caroline and Ralph were furious when they discovered their father had cut them out of his will | Source: Unsplash

Caroline’s smile was unpleasant in the extreme. “Oh, I think daddy will do anything to keep his darling Marcy from finding out he knocked up another woman and leaving him. don’t you?”

Marcy was the woman Caroline and Ralph’s father had married three years after their own mother had died from cancer. At first, Caroline and Ralph had welcomed her with ill grace.

Marcy was lovely and loving, but she was also nearly 20 years younger than their father and had made no secret of her desire to become a mother. But the years passed, and there had been no babies to reduce Caroline and Ralph’s share of the inheritance.

Marcy had dragged their father to fertility specialists from New York to Geneva, but there was no baby, and eventually, one brave doctor told Marcy there never would be a baby.

Marcy plunged into a deep depression | Source: Unsplash

That had been five years ago, and Marcy had plunged into a deep depression tinged with grief. She had been a long time recovering and coming to terms with her infertility, and their father who loved his young wife would do anything to keep this information from Marcy…

Ralph and Caroline waited until after dinner to trap their father in his study. “Daddy!” cried Caroline sweetly, “I’ve missed you!”

Graham Carlyle looked at his daughter and raised an eyebrow. “My dear Caro, we were in meetings together almost the entire afternoon!”

Caroline giggled and sat on the arm of his chair. “Oh, I meant real father-daughter time! And Ralph’s missed you too!” Ralph, who was waiting for his cue, slinked in smiling slyly.

Caroline and Ralph decided to confront Graham about the will | Source: Unsplash

“So!” exclaimed Graham Carlyle. “What do you two want? New cars? More personal time with the company jet? What’s up?”

“Well,” Caroline smiled. “We were just worried about your health daddy because my boyfriend mentioned you’d been to see his father and made a new will…”

Graham Carlyle got up abruptly, pushing his daughter away. “So that’s what this is about!” he cried angrily. “And I suppose he’s been snooping and told you you’re no longer my heirs!”

Ralph stepped forward. “How could you, dad? Caroline and I have slaved for you these last 12 years…”

Caroline complained about being cut out of the will | Source: Unsplash

Graham Carlyle laughed mockingly. “SLAVED?” he asked. “You both hold VP positions and have fat salaries you do little to earn. Those positions and those salaries are safeguarded in my will. What more do you want?”

“But…” Caroline grasped for an argument. “What about your grandchildren?”

“Grandchildren?” asked Graham Carlyle. “Neither of you is married and have given no indication you have any interest in having children. When you do, we’ll talk about it.”

Caroline flushed with rage. “But if something happens…”

Marcy heard the whole conversation | Source: Unsplash

Graham Carlyle had had enough. “Then you support your children on your salary, and endeavor to make your own fortune as I did.”

“We know those brats are your children,” cried Ralph. “And if you don’t provide for our share we’ll tell Marcy!”

At that moment a quiet woman’s voice interrupted. “I think you already did, Ralph.” The three turned around to see Marcy standing in the doorway of the study, a cup of coffee in her hand.

“I came to bring you your coffee, Graham,” she said with a strained smile. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but now that I’m here, please enlighten me.”

Graham tired to apologize to Marcy | Source: Unsplash

Graham turned to his children: “Out, both of you,” then he turned to his wife. “Marcy, love, please sit down. I can explain…”

Marcy stared at him with huge, tear-filled eyes. “I think I’ll stand — but please do explain.”

Graham squirmed uncomfortably. “Well…Do you remember when we came back from that trip to Geneva? I had to go to that conference in Lake Tahoe and you were ill…”

Marcy raised her chin and interrupted. “You mean when I fell into a depression because we couldn’t have a baby?”

He confessed that he had an affair | Source: Pexels

Graham had the grace to blush. “Well, yes…The thing is…I…had a bit too much to drink and there was this woman — a dancer — and one thing led to another…”

Marcy nodded thoughtfully. “I see. While I was grieving because I couldn’t give you a baby you were busy having an affair with another woman and SHE had no trouble falling pregnant! Is it a boy or a girl?”

Graham squirmed. “Actually…three boys…identical triplets. But Marcy, I didn’t even know! I only found out three months ago — the woman died and her lawyer sent me a letter…”

Marcy nodded thoughtfully. “I see,” she said calmly. “Graham I think you’d better sleep in one of the guest bedrooms tonight.”

Graham told Marcy about the triplets | Source: Pexels

“Marcy,” Graham cried. “Please, it was only that once! I never cheated before or since…” But his wife had already turned her back and walked away. 

For the next week, Graham lived in apprehension, but Marcy kept her distance and her silence. As for Caroline and Ralph, they were quiet as mice, hoping their father would overlook their part in his rift with his beloved wife.

One afternoon, Graham came home early and heard the sound of children’s voices and laughter coming from the garden. He hurried to investigate and saw Marcy on the lawn with three handsome toddlers playing catch.

“Marcy!” he gasped. “What…”

Marcy and Graham raised the boys together | Source: Unsplash

Marcy looked at him and smiled. “Graham: I hate your cheating, but I love you, so I love your children — all your children. And if you allow it, these boys can be my children too.”

Graham fell onto his knees in front of his wife and sobbed. “Forgive me, Marcy,” he whispered. “I know I’ve hurt you! I don’t deserve a woman as wonderful as you!”

Marcy said wrily. “I know THAT Graham! But I do forgive you.”

Graham and Marcy raised the three boys together, and even though he did forgive Caroline and Ralph eventually, he refused to change his will to include them as beneficiaries.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Greed can make you lose more than you hope to gain. Caroline and Ralph’s greed led them to confront their father and reveal his secret, but they gained nothing from it.
  • A loving heart can forgive the truly remorseful. Marcy not only accepted Graham’s children, but she also forgave him for his cheating.

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