Rich Mom at Christmas School Fair Mocks Another Mom Who Works at Night — Story of the Day

A woman mocks the mom of another student who works at night at her daughter’s Christmas school fair, then she learns who the other woman really is.

“Now children,” said Miss Davis. “I want you all to talk to your moms about bringing goodies for the school Christmas Fair!” The whole class immediately started talking all at the same time and sticking their hands up in the air.

“Yes, Jenna,” said Miss Davis to a sweet pixie-faced girl in the front row. “What do you want to bring?” 

“Cupcakes, Miss Davis,” Jenna cried eagerly. “My mom makes the BEST cupcakes in the world!”

All the kids were excited about the school’s Christmas Fair | Source:

Immediately another little girl gave a protesting howl. “But I was going to say cupcakes! It’s not fair!”

Miss Davis frowned. “Patty, Jenna spoke first, so…”

“But her mom NEVER comes to the school events or anything!” said Patty. “I’ll bet she won’t come to the Christmas Fair and we won’t have any cupcakes and they are my favorites.”

Miss Davis asked the children what they wanted to bring to the Christmas Fair | Source: Unsplash

Jenna flushed and her eyes filled with tears. “My mom works at night, that’s why she can’t come to a lot of events,” she said. “But she promised she’d come to the Christmas Fair and bring cupcakes!”

“That’s settled then, Patty,” said Miss Davis firmly. “Jenna’s mom brings the cupcakes.” But if Miss Davis really thought it was settled, she was in for a big surprise. 

Children learn their attitudes from us, so we should strive to give them good examples.

That night, she got a phone call from Patty’s mom, and she wasn’t happy. “I do a lot for the school, Miss Davis!” Patty’s mom screamed. “I donated the money for the new library, I deserve some consideration…”

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She had a lot more to say, and poor Miss Davis listened to her diatribe for another painful hour and finally said that since Patty’s mom wanted to bring cupcakes then she could. Both moms could bring cupcakes.

The day of the Christmas Fair was an exciting one for the children. There was a pageant, and a Santa’s village with elves and reindeer (they were really ponies with fake antlers but nobody cared.) 

Best of all were all the stalls where the moms set up platter after platter of delicious treats, from giant gingerbread men to huge sticky pieces of toffee and chocolaty brownies.

The children were very excited to be at the Christmas Fair | Source: Unsplash

Patty’s mom arrived with a huge box of cupcakes and started setting them out on plates in her stall. Soon another mom she knew well came along. “Darling,” she cried to Patty’s mom. “Those look delicious!”

“They should be,” said Patty’s mom with a smirk. “They cost me a fortune!”

The other mom winked. “I thought you were supposed to bake them yourself!”

Patty’s mom told her friend that Jenna’s mom was a stripper | Source: Unsplash

“Oh, please,” said Patty’s mom. “Who does that, really? By the way, where is that woman? The one who’s also bringing cupcakes?”

The other mom frowned. “I think she’s late! She’s supposed to set up here, next to you,” she said. “I can’t imagine what she will bring.”

Patty’s mom smirked. “I hear she works at night! She must be a stripper or a go-go dancer, or something!”

“Actually, I’m a pastry chef!” | Source: Unsplash

A sweet voice interrupted them. “Actually, I’m a pastry chef, not a stripper.” Patty’s mom and her friend turned around to see a pretty woman with a huge box of the most amazing cupcakes they had ever seen.

Patty’s mom flushed scarlet. “Oh!” she gasped. “You must be Jenna’s mom…I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean…”

Just then, Jenna and Patty walked over. “Look,” Jenna said proudly. “There’s my mom, and she’s brought her cupcakes — she makes them herself, you know!”

Patty’s mom was very embarrassed | Source: Unsplash

“Wow!” gasped Patty. “My mom buys hers, but no one’s supposed to know!”

By this time Patty’s mom was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was even more humiliated when Jenna said happily, “Well, my mom was in a Food Network competition, and she won! Best cupcakes in the WORLD!”

Patty’s mom had to eat some humble pie, and apologize to Jenna’s mom. The children, of course, didn’t care about any of it. They ate all the cupcakes and had a wonderful time.

Jenna was very proud of her lovely, talented mom | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • Children learn their attitudes from us, so we should strive to give them good examples. Patty’s mom ended up giving her daughter a very bad example — she used her money to push people around and insulted Jenna’s mom.
  • Don’t judge people before you know them. Patty’s mom thought that because she worked at night Jenna’s mom was a ‘lowlife,’ but she was actually a famous and very successful pastry chef.

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