Realtor Shows Elderly Couple a Home and Wife Bursts into Tears after a Few Minutes of Viewing

A house is more than just a piece of property that provides security. It is also a home where loved ones laugh, eat and make memories together. This is something a wife had in the back of her mind as she came upon the dwelling that she thought only existed in her wildest dreams. 

Recently, Jan and Bill took part in the UK’s Channel 4 “A Place in the Sun” episode hosted by Ben Hillman. True to the series, the elderly couple was looking for a holiday home in the beautiful country of Spain. 

The pair wanted to be closer to their relatives that lived in the country. On top of that, Jan and Bill also said they wouldn’t mind finding a place set near a golf course. The couple’s budget stood at £75,000, but they weren’t beyond adding an extra £10,000 if necessary.

The host and realtor, who was given the task of scouting for a house complete with ample BBQ space, two bedrooms, and bathrooms, warmly welcomed the guests. Getting ready to show them their prospective home in Costa Blanca, Hillman expressed

“Jan and Bill, welcome to Costa Blanca. You guys kind of just ooze excitement and good energy.”

Bill echoed the sentiment, stating that he and his wife are full of liveliness and more than ready to go on this exciting adventure.

Jan instantly fell in love with the first place they visited. The townhouse with two bedrooms was located in Santiago De La Ribera and was within their price range.

The more they toured the house, the more emotional Jan got. Once on the terrace and looking at the beautiful view, she began tearing up, expressing

“I can’t speak, sorry, I’m mentally putting where all the furniture is.”

Jan said she could picture enjoying time with her family in the house and complimented the “A Place in the Sun” host on his estate scouting abilities. 

Jan and Bill did tour the other houses available, but the first one remained in their heart, so they made an offer of £75,000. However, their initial request was declined and countered with £78,500.

Now in love with the property, the two didn’t hesitate to put their price up, looking forward to all the beautiful moments they would be having with their loved ones in the property that they would soon be referring to as home-sweet-holiday-home. 

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