Realtor Replaced Locks on Woman’s New House but Stranger in Black Hoodie Manages to Enter

A man left his girlfriend alone in their new house and went to work. She thought the neighborhood was safe and started cleaning up when a stranger in a black hoodie approached her from behind.

Redditor hazelnutlatte9543 and her partner were excited to move into their new house. However, there were several obstacles in their way. For instance, the building’s previous owner didn’t hand over the keys to them on time. 

The realtor informed the couple that they wouldn’t have access to the garage door opener on the closing day. When the Original Poster (OP) inquired about the keys, the realtor told her the seller worked an hour away and wouldn’t hand them over until late at night.

The realtor arranged for new locks on the front door. She gave the couple money to buy garage door openers. The OP was overwhelmed but mistakenly assumed everything was fine. She explained:

“So, we close on the house, and everything else is smooth sailing. Until when I go to set up and turn on our electricity, the electric company says they can’t come to turn on our power until the next day, even though I called in the morning.”

She was unsettled about spending an entire night without power. She looked around and decided to clean the place. The previous owner had left the house in an utter mess. The OP started cleaning alone. 

She used the front door to move things in and out of the house. Eventually, she’d forgotten to lock it and continued cleaning while watching a true crime/horror podcast. 

The OP couldn’t believe what had just happened and quickly grabbed her phone in fear.

She was busy cleaning the fridge when she felt someone was watching her from behind. The OP knew it wasn’t her partner as he was away teaching.

She started to feel nervous. She could see the shadow approach nearer. The OP was horrified. She stood still and turned around to see who was behind her. She explained:

“I turn around to see a man in a black hoodie and black shorts telling me he is here to drop off a garage door opener. He drops the opener on the island and doesn’t say another word.”

She thought she frightened the guy as much as he spooked her. The stranger didn’t say anything else and hurried outside the main door.

The OP couldn’t believe what had just happened and quickly grabbed her phone in fear. She reached out to her partner and the realtor. She started getting suspicious if the stranger knocked before entering her house. However, she confirmed that he never knocked. 

After reading her story, several users advised the OP on why it is important to double-check the front door is locked. User Thizlam commented with a similar incident where a person who fled from the cops tried to break into her house to hide. She explained:

“I always kept the doors locked and have a metal door stopper thing. It was broad daylight too. You just never know when something like that will happen, and it’s better to be over-prepared rather than unprepared.”

Redditor arodrig99 claimed that it’s important to lock the front door regardless of how safe you feel. The person said that locking the front door adds extra safety, especially during threatening situations.   

The OP said there was still a lot of cleaning to be done before they moved in. She decided not to watch crime/horror podcasts when alone in the house. Most importantly, she realized the importance of locking the front door.

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