Quadriplegic Father Cries as He Sees Daughter Walking Down the Aisle with Her Younger Brother

Despite his illness, a father fulfilled his dream of seeing his daughter walk down the aisle, and it got him emotional. The moment was captured in a clip and has since gone viral.

Nicole Kopsidas’s July 2021 wedding ceremony was stuffed with touching moments; however, one clip of her brother strolling her down the aisle as their dad waited at the finish sparked emotional reactions from TikTok users.

The beautiful bride revealed to Insider that her father was diagnosed with a number of sclerosis when she was two, and the man had lived as a person with quadriplegia for seven years. 

Nicole Kopsidas with her brother walking her down the aisle [left], Nicole Kopsidas kissing her father on her wedding day [right]| Photo: tiktok.com/@nicolekopsidas

According to the National MS Society, the illness had an impact on the brain and spinal cord, which could cause unpredictable symptoms including memory loss, numbness, blindness, or paralysis.

For Kopsidas’s father, his condition worsened as the years went by. Because he lived with quadriplegia, his parents and children cared for him.

Despite his condition, the bride wanted her father to accompany her to the altar. So, after she got engaged, she began looking for ways to make it possible.

During the planning phase of the wedding ceremony, Kopsidas confessed that she appeared into choices that may allow her father to walk her down the aisle. However, she did not want him to be uncomfortable. 

Describing the priceless moment, Kopsidas mentioned that everyone was moved to tears.

In addition, the lady’s father wished to see his daughter stroll down the aisle, so she was determined to ask her little brother to do the honors as an alternative. She told Insider that her brother had always been the baby of the house, so walking with him down the aisle was special. 

A netizen’s comment on viral tiktok video | Photo: tiktok/nicolekopsidas

In the TikTok video, which has gotten millions of views and likes, the bride was spotted planting a kiss on her father’s cheek at the altar before she proceeded to meet her husband-to-be.

Describing the priceless moment, Kopsidas mentioned that everyone was moved to tears. According to her, it was a beautiful moment, and her father was very excited about how things turned out because he got to see everyone in the room. 

A netizen’s comment on viral tiktok video | Photo: tiktok/nicolekopsidas

Although Kopsidas’s father could not understand that clips from the ceremony had gone viral on TikTok because he could not use social media, he was aware that many people had seen it and were moved. The newlywed woman told Insider:

“I knew that I would get a lot of attention from our family and friends because it is really special, and everyone loves my dad and has supported him, but I didn’t think it would be seen by millions.”

Now, she is focused on welcoming a baby with her husband and helping her grandparents look after her dad since they have no professional help.

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